Wedding day nerves. It’s the same feeling as sitting your driving test, or taking your first sit-down exam.

We can assure you that as soon as you see your betrothed at the end of the aisle, those nerves will disappear, but how do you cope with them in the meantime? Well, to give you some top tips on calming those wedding day nerves in the lead-up to and on the big day itself, we have enlisted the help of Eleanor Copp, one of the UK’s leading lights in dealing with anxiety in all walks of life, as well as being a hypnotherapist and eminent midwife.


Identify your list of chief concerns

Make a list, get some hierarchy and perspective going. Identify your big worries, know the smaller ones and accept them.

Surround yourself with positive people

Anyone that has an agenda about your wedding should not even be in your vicinity. If there are certain friends or family members that are causing problems, do not engage with them.

Talk about your anxieties

Any doubts about anything will fester so articulate them to your nearest and dearest, don’t get distracted but do tackle what you need to tackle them. Confronting them and taking action will instantly reduce stress levels.

Focus on your breathing

If you start feeling anxious, focus on your breath, and in particular, your diaphragm. And become calm Рyoga is a brilliant way to learn body awareness, build stamina to stress and remain flexible, emotionally and physically. Take it up!  Spending five minutes each day focusing only on your breath is a fantastic strategy for dealing with worry.

Look ahead with positivity

Start visioning a wonderful day ahead of you, with people who want to share it with you… This is the gift of a wedding.

Allow yourself to be supported

This wedding is not solely your responsibility, you can delegate tasks to chosen trusted friends, you do not have to be the one holding it all together alone.

Think of your posture

If you think you’re getting overwhelmed you will look at the floor more, give and receive eye contact less and your voice will become more high pitched. If you haven’t realised yet you are stressed, those around will have done. Acupuncture is a brilliant way to counteract the manifestations of tension and finding a good practitioner will pay dividends.

Allow yourself to be pampered

Let go and relax. Have fun in the run up, lighten up, see the funny side to any conflict.

Rehearse the day in your mind

Mentally walk through what will happen on the day, from beginning to end. If there are parts you are worried about (these are usually the aisle walk, the vows and the speeches) focus on your role in that only – you can’t control what anyone else does or says.

Be positive

Smile, be happy and enjoy your wedding day. It’s going to be amazing!

How are you coping with stress in the run-up to the big day? What’s been the most stressful part of your planning so far? Let us know!