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Save yourself from any last-minute wedding day disasters with these top tips…

When you’re planning a wedding, there are so many people to rely on – from dress fitters and florists to caterers or even the postman. The day is so intricately planned with tight time-frames, things aren’t guaranteed to run smoothly. The secret is to make sure you are fully prepared for every eventuality!

The event organisers at Rivenhall Oaks have first-hand experience in averting wedding day disasters, so here are their top 5 things most likely to go wrong on your big day, and how brides can avoid them.

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The weather

There’s nothing more disappointing than planning a beautiful outdoors wedding… and the heavens open right before the ceremony. Of course, you can’t stop the weather, but you can avoid it stopping you by having an emergency wet weather plan in place.

Too much booze

From Bucks Fizz in the morning to wine all evening, weddings are seen as a daylong celebration. There’s a high chance of your guests getting drunk, but there’s always one to take it too far. Make sure there is plenty of food throughout the day and provide jugs of water on tables to encourage guests to stay refreshed.

Bad timing

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It’s a bride’s prerogative to be late, but not your guests. You don’t want anyone strolling in half way through the ceremony and clambering over people to get to their seat. Make sure the directions are clear on your invitation to avoid anyone using the ‘I got lost’ excuse.

Damage the dress

A bride’s worst nightmare! There may not be any coming back from a clumsy guest spilling wine over your pristine white dress, but a tear is manageable. With metres of fabric on wedding dresses, a small catch is quite possible. Having a small roll of fabric tape can cover any minor damage to stop it showing in pictures. 

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Caterers are a no show

Hangry guests aren’t happy guests. Your caterer could get the dates wrong, miss a delivery or get stuck in traffic – the possibilities are endless. It’s better to keep things simple and ask what the venue can provide. For example, Rivenhall Oaks are used to catering for large amounts of people on site, which minimises risk and ensures it’s always on time.

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