With cutting-edge science and face-perfecting treatments now firmly on your side, we’ve decided to research and compile a definitive list of the UK’s best aesthetics practitioners for UK brides! Knowledge is power in the name of investigative beauty journalism, we’ve discovered the most trusted face specialists (most who are surgeons and registered doctors in their fields). These are the names beauty editors go to (and spend their own money) and where actors, and in–the-know brides are counted on the client lists.

By Wersha Bharadwa





BEST FOR: Baby Botox and all over facial rejuvenation

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The most discreet doctor in London, Dr Nabet has rightly been crowned ‘king of the needle’. He’s popular with actors, supermodels, brides and women in the know for the purest of reasons: his beautifully light touch with Botox gives clientele a refreshed, youthful look, not a frozen one. Flying to his to UK clinic in Kensington from Paris and Moscow two days a week (he’s also considered one of the best, and most affordable Botox doctors in the world) he makes you feel at home and instantaneously beautiful – even as he’s mathematically marking areas of your face with a ruler and oil pencil. One of his many accomplishments is his pioneering work specifically in the areas of combined baby Botox (which involves genius applications of the product in micro amounts), IPL and flawless fillers. Unlike many practitioners, you don’t book with Dr Nabet for a certain procedure you think you want. He’ll assess your face, visible signs of aging and where collagen has to be replaced and offer a bespoke treatment using a cocktail of scientifically-proven products. Brides in their thirties who may start to see small wrinkles and lines appearing due to sun damage and facial movements over the years and crow’s feet (the laughter crinkles around the edge of the eyes) especially can be treated with a sprinkle of Botox to combat skin laxity and tired looking eyes. For older brides his prescriptive, non-surgical, Y-Lift face lift results are nothing short of a genius aesthetic eye and years of medical training.

Botox, blocks the nerve impulse in muscles that cause facial activity such as frowning and therefore eliminates lines and also helps reduce static wrinkles – the visible lines that are seen when the face is resting such as laughter lines. He uses Botox masterfully and preventatively – uplifting brows, thinning jaws, contouring noses, reducing wrinkles, frown lines and crows feet around the eyes – but in undetectable to anyone but you teeny amounts so nobody walks out unable to raise their eyebrows or with an unnatural-looking forehead. It’s more a case of looking like a more youthful version of yourself. His use of fillers is for helping plump out visibly depleted areas with the longer-lasting effects of advanced-fillers like Restalyne being expertly applied to capture a more rested look.

What truly sets the Dr Nabet apart from the rest is his deep knowledge of corrections. He’s a trained doctor of biophysics and nuclear medicine and has spent years researching the influence of hormones on ageing. And since you don’t technically need a qualification in the UK to practice filler treatment, he finds many clients come to him after not so great work elsewhere but who leave his clinic looking immaculate, with fully restored confidences too. Expect glowing skin and radiance after your first appointment.

Jules Nabet Medical Rooms, Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London
0207 938 2195).



BEST FOR: Total facial rejuvenation, mesotherapy, Botox, fillers and under eye tear trough treatments


Globally-acclaimed and now with a medi-spa in Kensington, Dr Maurice Dray and his team from Paris are pure and simple game-changers the bridal beauty world. Inventors of the famous vitamin injections, widely available now, and loved by Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston, walking into clinic is a like being invited to a fabulous house party where a prescription of combo services work harmoniously together for the ultimate in non-invasive grooming. Teaming up with two of the smoothest and slickest experts in facial aesthetics, Dr Anton Calmon and Benjamin Kauffholz, it’s the only place where a five star service is guaranteed with all the team (including the welcoming Oksana Makhova who assists in laser therapy) working melodiously alongside one another.

While laser hair removal used to be a number one requested treatment, now equally popular are dermal fillers for instant cheek and face perking up and Dr Dray’s pioneering treatment mesotherapy, which is basically like being airbrushed in real life from the moment you wake up. Mesotherapy slows down the ageing process with the assistance of a non-invasive, hi-tech handgun injecting hundreds of microscopic amounts of calcium, vitamins and hyaluronic acid into the face to encourage more collagen. With glowing, supple skin, patients say it’s worth more than a year of facials. The improvements in skin elasticity can be seen immediately, but incredibly there’s an even bigger increase in new tissues and collagen fibres around six months later when you realise you’ve just had five years taken off your face. The testimonials on the website and the fact the clinic sees a myriad of brides (and groom) every month, sauntering through the most discreet doors in Knightsbridge for the treatment prove this works. Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan of the sugar-lift, a 30-minute procedure which gives a three-year result. The secrets to Dr Dray’s success lies in where he injects: it’s a case of the right product in the right hands (he’s gerontology specialist and has spent 25 years studying ageing on every level whilst training up other doctors with his sought-after skills.) He corrects skin sagging or lost volume with his no-nonsense effective techniques, such as treating lost lower face volume and jawline issues by concentrating on the upper and mid face and minimum product for a less-is-more effect. Where many treat issues like wrinkles and lost volume in isolation, Dr Dray and his team, like so many brilliant French practitioners, use techniques to help treat issues together more effectively. This could mean a jab of Botox between the brows with mesotherapy on the temples and filler to soften nasolabial folds (smile lines) and marionette lines (lines from the mouth to chin) to help ease drooping jowls. Benjamin is the expert on Botox and injects the crown and forehead for delicate lifts and Dr Calmon’s consultation is one of the best patients can experience, giving you a thorough background of the product he is using in the areas he is looking at, explaining how fillers counteract aging by adding fullness in areas like the cheeks. The clinic strongly advocates starting filler treatment and Botox slowly, returning for more as and when, rather than overfilling in the first instance (which is where a lot of complications come from, either practitioners don’t say ‘no’ to over enthusiastic patients or are too liberal and overconfident with products in the first instance.) Clear the diary, make an appointment and leave feeling overwhelmingly uplifted.

CONTACT: Dr Dray at Clinic Dray London, Albert Place, London
0207 937 1031).



BEST FOR: Smile makeovers and teeth whitening


Actors, pop stars (he can’t tell us who, because… well you know client confidentiality and all) flock to his chair in London’s Wimpole Street. Dubbed the ‘King of Smiles’, Dr Marques also plays a part in pre-wedding tooth transformation, which is reassuring when you’re preparing for a day of romance and lots of flashbulbs too. A true fixer-upper, Dr Marques specialises in giving brides better smiles using the ever popular Enlighten and Zoom systems (many practices offer only one or the other, here you get a breakdown on the benefits of both).

Gifted with chairside manners that are second to none (clients get the most gorgeous crafted birthday cards each year too) Dr Marques is happy to help with at-home top ups via post every six months to a year once your initial dental trays have been fitted. Better yet, he’s a big campaigner on safer tooth care and also whitening in the UK, which has had lots of press because of law changes over the percentages of peroxide dentists are allowed to use. Though he carries out plenty of veneer work, he is passionate about working with brides on looking after your own teeth instead of walking around with cookie-cutter, tell-tale uniform teeth. Strong teeth are vital for looking younger and healthier as they support the jawline and minimise sagging jowls. Brides wanting braces are advised to have them fitted way ahead of the wedding but again, it’s all about have a smile that complements your features, not one which has you walking around with a mouth full of protruding piano keys.

With the Enlighten system, you can whiten teeth up by 16 shades off the normal tooth whitening range for real teeth – no other system globally is able to do that without risking enamel damage. Dr Marques says the results last longer than the average in-clinic treatment too: three to five years is the norm. Zoom is better for a quick fix, say when you have less time for teeth whitening and is carried out chairside, within an hour and a half with teeth whitening by four or five shades (still making it a ‘Hollywood’ worthy smile in every sense.) Dr Marques is one of a handful of celebrity dentists who will travel to homes for tooth whitening using a hand-held laser device which activates the gel rapidly. For veneers, you can go brilliantly white, but reassuringly you will never leave his clinic with the kind of comical teeth seen on reality show stars. In fact, many come to him now for serious revisions on botched protruding veneer jobs. Implants are done within an hour and his room is kitted out with the latest 3D gadgetry and X-Ray devices. When it comes to gummy smiles he also administers Botox around the mouth (and while you’re sat relaxing in the chair, is happy to offer Botox ‘lite’ work around the eyes and forehead too). There really isn’t much Dr Marques can’t do.

CONTACT: Dr Richard Marques, Wimpole Street Dental, Wimpole Street, London (020 7637 1672)




BEST FOR: No-trace lip plumping, Botox and fillers


Credited for inventing a unique lip filler technique, Dr Mervyn is the king of competence and correcting over-inflated badly done jobs but also for giving patients that much sought after ‘pillow-plumped/ bee-stung’ lip look. It’s not about the Kylie Jenner effect here at all; instead the focus is on classy, discreet enhancements. Dr Mervyn concentrates on enhancement in the strictest sense: this is where you come for precision work, for artistry that is all about boosting your existing beauty and not about changing your look entirely. His clinic, Woodford Medical is a long-established authority, and is touted as a go-to for celebrities, precisely because it’s low key and also because Dr Patterson delivers the kind of work that many people wouldn’t even guess you’ve had done. He is a hard-working, soft-talking and charming dermatologist and focuses heavily on the way your smile can be enhanced such as clever injection techniques into vermilion borders to avoid obvious duck-lip or overinflated top lip (always a dead giveaway of any work.) The effect is that of more defined lips (especially for anyone experiencing volume loss in their thirties and beyond). The pain factor? So there’s a little stinging but lip fillers now contain fast acting anaesthetic within the ingredients which works immediately to prevent any real localised pain. He likes to use Juvederm but during a consultation will assess if a thicker or lighter product would suit your lip shape. Paired with a numbing ointment which is applied before the needles go in, the procedure is literally over before you know it. Best of all, no one would be able to detect a difference in your appearance, just a more younger and refreshed look. Aftercare includes regular skin assessments and follow ups designed to help maintenance. No wonder he’s a hit with the international blogger and fashionista sets.

CONTACT: Dr Mervyn Patterson, Upper Wimpole Street, London
0845 602 1161)





BEST FOR: Five Minute Nose Jobs, Face Contouring and Egyptian Facials


Although known for his Egyptian facial and offering up every non-invasive treatment there is including chin enhancement, Dr Jack has the magician’s touch in non-surgical rhinoplasty where he literally irons out bumps, straighten out slopes and lift tips in no joke, under five minutes. The nose-beautifying procedure is painless (a small amount of anaesthetic is applied) with no downtime, and perfect if you’re the kind of bride who wants to look like the best version of yourself without anyone knowing you’ve had any sort of work done. Clients report back how they love the fact they can walk into Dr Jack’s office, be awake during the procedure, and head out for dinner straight after without any bruising. There’s also lots of comfort for nervous types in the fact that teamed with his kind and gentle approach and impeccable manners, he can make anyone who is in his presence instantly at ease. Ask to have a browse through his client gallery – as an NHS plastic surgeon, he has spent years perfecting his technique with better results every year and astonishing before and after pictures of his work.

An expert in how Hyaluronic acid works, and a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, the procedure is a combination of tiny amounts of Botox and hyaluronic acid filler injected into the nose to smooth out bumps and ridges, build a more prominent bridge or even change the width and dimensions of the nostrils. It lasts up to a year and a half.

Dr Jack eases into consultations by assessing factors which have affected the skin and aging process such as lifestyle, sun damage and genetic make-up. For those in their twenties and thirties he recommends the much publicised Egyptian facial every six weeks a year ahead of the wedding day to help keep the skin hydrated and which also helps stimulate collagen production. Queen Cleopatra’s beauty treatment of choice, the facial involves scraping dead skin cells off with a blade to diminish lines and brighten the skin and the application of advanced vitamin serums. If you want a doctor who really puts in the time with patients himself (rather than being passed around nurses) you will find him a real hot ticket.


CONTACT: Dr David Jack Aesthetic Medicine, Harley St, London
07751 541611)