Discussions on the forum have turned to the often dreaded first dance this week, with talk of song choices of wedding dance floor fillers, dance lessons and comedy routines.

From the awkward school disco style shuffle to a full-on choreographed routine, all our brides are embracing the traditional first dance floor fillers in one way or another. To help them along we’ve sought the expert advice of the professionals at Wedding Day Dance UK, for their top tips and suggestions.

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Choosing a song

“You’ll remember your first dance for the rest of your life so it’s really important that you love your first dance song. Make sure you listen to the lyrics, because some songs are surprisingly unsuitable!”


“To make your life easier, a song with a middle beat is ideal, because it’s tricky to dance either really fast or really slow. The most typical first dance mistake is dancing for too long. Whether you’ve had a dance professionally choreographed or winging it with a cuddle and a sway, your guests’ attention will only last so long, as will your ability to remember dance steps. The ideal length is no longer than 3 minutes – it’s much better to have a fabulous short dance than a long mediocre one. Most songs last more than 3 minutes so why not finish off your first dance by asking your DJ or singer to invite the guests to join you on the dance floor for the rest of the song?”

Why take lessons?

“Your first dance is the last moment of your wedding day when all eyes are on you, so it’s a shame to shuffle about in circles looking embarrassed when you could be dancing with confidence and style, putting on a great show for your guests and getting the party started. Learning to dance with the person you love is so romantic and dance lessons are a great way to get some time together away from all the stress of wedding planning. Having your dance professionally choreographed means you will know exactly what to do on the dance floor and the dance will suit your ability and natural style, making you look your very best in front of all your family and friends.”

Making it personal

“Your wedding day is so personal and many couples like to put an individual stamp on their day. For example, you can nod to hobbies, interests, heritage, culture and family traditions through your choice of song. We once choreographed a couple who played hockey and we incorporated their hockey sticks into the dance – they even did lifts using the sticks! You can also show your personalities with your song choice, by going for serious, uplifting or happy tunes”

Weddingdaydanceuk.co.uk offer dance lessons throughout the UK, available in your own home or at another suitable location of your choice. Prices start from just £75, and are suitable for beginners – so there’s no excuse!

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