A look at the delicious wedding cake trends we hope to see and taste in 2020.


Wedding Cake Trends for 2020

With our sights (and tastebuds) set on 2020, we’ve scoured the ‘gram for the wedding cake trends you need to know about if you’re planning your wedding for the year ahead.

Floral Wedding Cakes

“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking…” Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada.

Actually – it really is! It’s been said before that baking is a science, but techniques like pressing and crystallising edible flowers turns this culinary trick into an art; one that will transform your wedding cake into a blooming, flowery masterpiece.


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Hand-painted Wedding Cake Trends

Not a fan of the bold, dramatic approach to a wedding cake design? You’ll adore this current trend that is popping up everywhere at the moment – a misty, subtle touch of colour to add a softness to a traditional, white wedding cake. Try pairing your chosen colour to the shade of the flowers on top, to create the elegant illusion that one is melting into the other.


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Ferns and Botanical-themed Wedding Cakes

This wedding season, many bride and grooms have traded flowers for ferns as decoration for their cake. In place of the pastel petals are crisp, elegant, green leaves, which add a new dimension to its shape and colour. This cake trend is ideal for a modern wedding, to help create a natural and clean colour palette.


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Geometric Structures and Details

To contradict the soft, bohemian trends that we have talked about so far, we should mention the surge in popularity of the geometric wedding cake. Precise lines and immaculate detailing creates the most striking, yet understated, effect for decoration. 2019 has seen this trend be experimented with from the pattern of the icing, to the actual body of the cake. In this case, it really is all in the details.


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Mosaic Designs

This style takes the geometric trend to the next level in wedding cake design. With echoes of Morocco and the Middle East, these ornate designs add an exotic dimension to any traditional wedding cake, as well as being visually striking. Whether you choose to emulate this trend in white icing or coloured, the effect is equally beautiful.


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Metallic Wedding Cake Trend

Metallic hues are certainly not a new trend when it comes to weddings, however, in 2019 the bronze effect has never been more popular. A nod to the rustic chic trend that has dominated weddings over the past few years, the bronzed wedding cake is a subtle and modern development from the metallic designs that we have seen in the past. Not as garish as gold, and not as subtle as silver, the bronze effect is always a showstopper.


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New Flavours for Wedding Cakes

This year has seen a huge movement away from the traditional flavours of vanilla, fruit and lemon, and instead has replaced them with flavours far more exciting and a little unexpected. In place of the British fruitcake is the equally British flavour of Earl Grey, which creates a delicate yet fragrant sponge that won’t overwhelm your guests. Other flavours that are popping up in wedding cakes around the world are pistachio, pink champagne (below) and lime, which all add a beautiful flavour and pastel shade to a simple sponge.


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Alternative Wedding Cakes

From cheese cakes (cakes made out of *actual* cheese) to doughnut towers, taking a step away from a traditional wedding cake is more popular than ever.

From wedding dresses to flowers, cakes, themes and decor, try these 23 wedding trends for 2018 to find big day inspiration that is amazing AND achievable!

Vegan Wedding Cakes

Want to ensure your wedding cake is inclusive to guests with dietary and allergy restrictions? Get yourself a vegan wedding cake!

There’s now several bakeries across the UK now offering vegan wedding cakes, which means sourcing the perfect edible showstopper is easier than ever before. Choose from rainbow cakes and naked cakes, to more traditional, multi-tiered creations – the world’s your oyster.


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London bakeries that supply vegan wedding cakes include Heart of Cake, Lola’s Cupcakes, and Pearl & Groove, and cakes at Ruby’s of London are 100% plant based, too.

Other popular choices are Flavourtown BakeryBee’s Bakery, and The Hummingbird Bakery, the latter of which offers four flavours – rainbow, vanilla, red velvet and devil’s food cake.

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