Luxury wedding cake designer, GC Couture, has unveiled its highly anticipated 2016 ‘Seasons of Sugar Collection’. The couture collection will feature decadent and delicate designs to create the perfect standout centrepieces for spring, summer, autumn and winter weddings.

GC Couture is best known for serving five-star wedding venues, prestigious hotels and, of course, countless happy couples. Along with sister company, Genuine Cakes, the team has provided delectable delights for many high-profile celebrity occasions, as well as a consumer range for Harrods.

wedding-cakes-Springtime Sweethearts £1480

The classic yet ornate and impressive Seasons of Sugar Collection is the result of a long, collaborative creative process involving many of the production team’s ideas and incorporating GC Couture’s trend predictions for 2016. The creation of the collection has been conducted in four stages by Director Marie Sinclair.

Marie explains, “We began with an initial ideas meeting involving our full production team, where we put forward our inspiration for the upcoming collection, based on trends, patterns and sketches. In this way, we like to think that we are creating trends in the world of cake design, which is really exciting creatively.

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wedding-cakes-Autumn Affection by GC Couture £2300.00

In true couture style, the process is then refined with a theme meeting, which ensures cohesiveness in size, textures, height, shapes and colours. Each team member is then asked to produce a design based on the initial ideas, which are then solidified and woven into final concepts at the final design meeting. Once the initial design stages are completed, GC Couture’s resident artist then sketches the designs to produce the start of a masterpiece collection.

Marie says, “While this year’s collection is quite eclectic in style, we wanted to maintain a unifying element of timeless, classic beauty. Many couples, while enjoying the unique statement element of our couture cakes, are very drawn to traditional shapes and designs. Our cakes our designed so that in years to come couples perusing old magazines will still gasp and say ‘that’s the one!’” She continues, “Height is a big feature of the Seasons of Sugar Collection, simply because it creates more impact and ‘wow’ factor. We have created a signature look of sugar flowers cascading in a waterfall effect.

wedding-cakes-Spring Love by GC Couture £1550.00(e)

While the cakes will be available in any of GC Couture’s 50-plus tantalising flavours, the production team has paired up perfect flavour recommendations for each season. For wintery creations, GC Couture favourite, Fruitcake Without the Bits; for the essence of autumn, Cinnamon; spring cakes are best served with a hint of Pear and Summer Fruits make the perfect flavour for the collection’s summer cakes.

Loving the look of these scrummy wedding cakes? Find out more at GC Couture! While GC Couture has a wide selection of cakes to choose from, including the current and previous collections, a bespoke service is also available for couples looking to work with the team to create their dream wedding cake.

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