Who goes to the most weddings? The bands of course. We asked a few to share their experiences – from the beautiful to the barmy. Find out their money saving tips from utilising friends and family to help out on the big day to opting for a Tuesday night wedding. So, if you’re hoping to have your wedding on a budget and are looking for some ideas – this video has got you covered.

ask the band
There are specific ways that new money management B could help you save for your wedding. Overall, rather than thinking of the whole wedding budget as one large sum, it’s a good idea to set individual budgets for different things before you start. Then, when you know how much you want to spend on each part of the wedding, B’s Savings Pots can show how close you’re getting to each target. B’s budgeting feature could be useful too, letting you tag your wedding purchases and keep an eye on how it all adds up. It’s easy to use and could keep your spending on track for the Big Day.




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