Being a wedding budget planner can be one of the most stressful things while organising your big day. We’ve compiled a fab ideas list of 10 hidden costs that you should keep in mind while thinking about your budget.

budget-for-your-wedding-10-hidden-cost-ideas-revealedWedding night accommodation

You deserve to feel like royalty on your wedding night, so set aside part of the budget for luxe accommodation. How much? £100+, depending on your location. Cost-cutting idea: Ask if your venue will provide complimentary use of the bridal suite.

Dress alterations

Dresses rarely fit perfectly, so budget for alterations. How much? From £50 to £150+. Cost-cutting idea: You could tell your girls you’ll pay for their dresses if they cover the alteration costs.

Hen night

Whether you’re drinking and dancing, checking into a spa or going abroad, your hen night could be an expensive affair. How much? At least £100 per person. Cost-cutting idea: If you’re planning a pampering hen night, consider booking midweek. Many spas offer reduced off-peak packages.

Setting-up costs

Most florists will have a delivery and set-up charge, which may not be included in their quote. How much? From £20 local delivery. Cost-cutting idea: Ask your ushers to move your ceremony flowers to the reception to save money.

Thank you cards

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Buying bespoke thank you cards to match your invitations can add to your stationery bill. How much? £3+ per card. Cost-cutting idea: Get your photographer to take a picture of you and your hubby holding up a thank you sign, then have your own cards printed online from £1.50.

Supplier meals

Professionals like your photographer and videographer are likely to require a meal on your wedding day. How much? From £10+ per head. Cost-cutting idea: Feeding suppliers as well as the wedding guests can be expensive. Ask your venue if they have cheaper options for suppliers.

Church fees

For religious ceremonies, remember to budget for church fees, Catholics may also have to pay for marriage preparation classes. How much? £321.50 for a Church of England wedding. Cost-cutting ideas: The organist, choir and bell ringers may cost extra. Before you book, find out how much each addition costs and then decide, as a couple, how important they are to you for your special day.

Wedding insurance

Far from being an optional extra, wedding insurance is essential in case something goes wrong on your big day. It’s the most important thing you’ll buy for the day (yes, even more important than the dress!). How much? The average policy costs £51 but can be as low as £20. Cost-cutting idea: Use an insurance comparison site to compare policies and prices.

Registrar fees

“Registrar fees for a civil ceremony usually aren’t included in the venue’s ceremony package,” says Karen Botha of Quex Park, Kent. How much? Anywhere from £40 to £500+ depending on the area. Cost-cutting idea: Hold your ceremony at a Register Office for a basic £40 fee.

Handmade maps

Printed maps and information sheets may be helpful for your guests, but paper and ink can add to your budget. How much? Ink cartridges vary from a few pounds to £20+. Cost-cutting idea: Use black ink, it’s cheaper than printing in colour and distribute information by email.