Each month, we pick out our favourites from the top wedding brands out there right now from, dresses to accessories to  bands. This month, we’re looking to The Motion Books, a company that creates physical albums that store and play your wedding video (that’s right – video!).


Take your wedding video off your computer and transform it into a one-of-a-kind wedding video album to display and enjoy right at your fingertips.

This revolutionary new way to store and watch your wedding video has captured the attention of millions worldwide. Keep reading to learn more about what makes these wedding video albums so unique and captivating.

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What Are The Motion Books?


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Timelessly designed to showcase your wedding film in high definition, The Motion Books video albums feature an HD 7” display and built-in speakers.

Enjoy your wedding video with ease and convenience. Open the cover and your wedding video comes to life. With a rechargeable battery and no wifi required, watch and rewatch your video as many times as you please.

Display Your Wedding Film in Your Home


The Motion Books give you the opportunity to display your wedding film in your home instead of tucked away on a computer or hard drive.

Your guests, family, and friends will drawn to the shimmery gold-foiled wedding album displayed on your coffee table and even more impressed when they find it playing your wedding video as soon as they open it.

Free Video Preloading


The Motion Books offers free video preloading with every purchase. Simply include your video link in your order and they will do the work for you so that your video album arrives ready to play-straight out of the box.

You can also upload/update your video(s) at a later time from home – simply connect your video album to your computer using the provided usb cable.

Not only are wedding video albums the perfect gift to give newlyweds, video albums also make excellent gifts for parents of the bride and groom or cherished family and friends.

Browse through the beautifully designed wedding video albums or create a video album that’s unique to you by personalising the cover (with your names, wedding date, or phrase that’s special to you.

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