Hello! I’m delighted to give you the latest blog from our lovely friend Jo Hoare. Jo is the style editor of Heat magazine and is getting married later this year, so she’s perfectly placed to give you advice about your big day beauty. Over to Jo…

Lashes, tans, nails, hair and teeth – how fake should you go?

With four months to go I’m starting to think about beauty preparation for my wedding day. As a style and beauty journalist it’s one of the things I’m both the most excited about and the most nervous. I’m lucky enough to have access to lots of top experts for advice and to get to try lots of exciting products but even for a supposed “expert” like me, things are getting a bit overwhelming. My biggest question is how fake is too fake? Now you can fake everything from tans to toenails should you fake it on your big day or try and stay the teensiest bit au naturel? Here’s what I’ll be having a little bit of help with and what will be just me.

What I’ll definitely be faking


On a day to day basis I’m not a fan of fake tan but if you’re wearing white, every girl needs a bit of fake tan. The golden (geddit!) rule is don’t go too dark. You want to look sunkissed not ronsealed. Whatever you do make sure you try the tan you want to use first. It may be too dark, not suit your skin or you may even be allergic to it. Expect to pay around £25 for a salon treatment – which’ll be £50 if you have a trial first. For a salon tan that suits all skin tones try Sienna X –you can choose the exact depth of colour making it personal to you. If you want to do it yourself an everyday gradual tan – I love Garniers Summerbody- is a lot less likely to mess up.


Wedding HairMy smile is my biggest bridal beauty concern- I’ve got a repair to a front tooth that I’ve never been happy with and would definitely like to be a lot whiter so I’m investing in a tooth whitening treatment. Does home whitening work is one of the beauty questions I’m most often asked and I’m sorry to say that the answer is no. I’ve never seen anyone with a dramatic change from toothpastes, kits, gels or home devices. In short you need to see a dentist if you want a noticeable result. I’m going to The London Smile Clinic for a Britesmile treatment which gives the best results of any treatment I’ve witnessed.

What I’m considering faking


I’ve had hair extensions in the past and loved them but my husband to be confessed he wasn’t keen on how they felt when he touched my hair and also that he thought I wouldn’t relax and go in the sea on our honeymoon with them in (he’s right!). However the style I’ve chosen does need a bit more hair than I’ve got so I’ll probably pick up a piece to pad it out a bit. If you want to do the shame I’d recommend beautyworksonline.com or hershesons.com for good quality, good value pieces.


I need to whisper this one….as h-2-b is definitely not keen on this BUT I’ve got a prominent line on my forehead that I know will bug me in all the pictures and will mean I’ll feel conscious with the off the face hairstyle I want to have. I have had it once before and I did like the results but a BIG word of warning. In my opinion this should really be done by a doctor. Not a dental nurse, not a beautician, not someone that’s done a one week course. A doctor. This is your face after all.

What I definitely won’t fake


Get your nails done!This is purely personal taste and in everyday life I’m quite partial to a gel manicure but I just think high gloss gels and fake nails are a bit too “much” for a wedding day. It’s the picture vs real life thing that gets me and I think as near to natural in the showing-off- the-ring photographs just looks more elegant. I’ll be going for a pretty pink like Essie’s ballet slippers or Bourjois Rose Lounge (which Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day).


Because I’ve already got more than I’d like I’ll be a corseted down not a plumped up cleavage bride but if you’re a little less endowed embrace the chicken fillets and fake away!!


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