Are you thinking of having your wedding abroad? Then you are part of a growing number of couples who are doing exactly that! With some amazing locations to choose from you really will be spoilt for choice.

find-your-dream-wedding-abroad-with-best-weddings-abroad-As the venue plays such an important part of your wedding day, wedding planning company Best Wedding Away always recommend to couples to try to carry out a venue visit to ensure you make the right decision and benefit from their wealth of knowledge.

Wedding Budget & Guests

An important starting point in choosing your wedding venue is to have a rough idea of your wedding budget and the number of guests you want to attend. Some venues will have separate hire fees and some have it included in price per head.

Research Locations

Maybe you already have a specific destination in mind but if you don’t, try to narrow down your locations by doing some research.


It is important that you check out the legalities you need to meet in order to get married in the location you choose. Some countries such as France and Spain require you to be a resident there for a certain period of time. All of this information can be found on the British or Irish Embassy website.

View Venues

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Organise a weekend visit to try to view a number of possible wedding venues in the area of your choice. Try to look at different types of venues in the area – e.g. Hotels, Villas, Vineyards, Beaches, and Gardens etc, to ensure you get a flavor of the different options available to you. Also think about other important factors such as: Do you want the ceremony and reception in the same location? Do you want accommodation in the reception venue?

Utilise Local Knowledge & Expertise

When carrying out wedding venue visits it is very useful to organize it through a reputable wedding planning company to ensure you benefit from their local knowledge. A good wedding planner will be able to set the scene for you in the various locations you visit so that you can see how the wedding day would work. They will also be able to advise you on the availability of other wedding services you require in the area as well help with the local lingo!!

find-your-dream-wedding-abroad-with-best-weddings-abroad-Questions, Questions & More Questions

This is probably the only opportunity you will have to see the venue before the big day so do not feel embarrassed or awkward at asking lots of questions! In fact write them all down before you travel to make sure you have everything clear that you want to ask.

Back up plan for Outdoor Venues

One of the main attractions for a wedding abroad is the more reliable weather however if it does let you down ensure the venue you choose for both your ceremony and the reception has a backup plan!

Your Guests

It is important to think of your guests requirements (as well as your own!) in choosing your wedding venue. For example it may not be advisable to choose a venue with lots of steps if you have lots of elderly relatives attending or a venue with a pool if you have children. At each venue as you play out the wedding day – think about how it will work for all your guests.


With the availability of lots of low cost flights across Europe it is now easier and cheaper to reach most destinations – ideal for couples wanting to marry abroad. When choosing your wedding venue, look at the nearest airports and the airlines that service it. Also look at whether your guests will need to hire a car or if there is good public transport links. For your wedding day you may want to think about arranging your wedding transport to get your guests to and from the venue as well if it is some distance from the hotel.

Don’t be Pressured!

When choosing your wedding venue, do not be pressured into making a decision. It is important you make the right decision for you to ensure you have the wedding of your dreams. Wedding venues abroad do still get booked up 12 months in advance – however you do have a lot more options as it is much more acceptable (and sometimes cheaper!) to get married during the week.

Of course organising a venue visit is also a great excuse to have a nice weekend break and enjoy some much needed sunshine! If you want more information on organising a venue visit to search for your perfect wedding venue in Italy, Spain, Greece or Portugal please contact Best Wedding Away and we will help arrange it for you.