So…it’s time to find the dress of your dreams! (best bit!) Whilst you may find yourself spontaneously popping into a boutique on your travels for some initial inspiration or having put aside a whole day to shop till you drop (until you find the one!) there are just a couple of small things you should prepare before ANY wedding dress fitting that will make your life a hell of alot easier…


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If a particular style of dress and neckline has stolen your heart and you know you will be trying on for sure – consider your underwear of choice on the day as to what will be most comfortable whilst changing in and out of numerous dresses and also to ensure you can gage the best fit particularly around the top half of your dress. From this you can work out whether you will need a bra with more support or less if you opted for a style such as a deep V or spaghetti strap. TOP TIP Wear nude rather than white if you can as this will blend surprisingly better if your dress is a bit shearer than you expected and will leave no trace of any of that dreaded VPL!


Little or no make-up

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We all know that foundation and white clothing aren’t the best of friends with even the lightest brush of your skin – disaster could strike without you even noticing you’ve done it. Wear a very light base make-up just to cover minimally and avoid putting any around your chin or neck if possible so as to not catch on any high dress necklines.


Whilst every day you are more than likely to be wearing flat or short heeled shoes, don’t forget if you are going to be wearing heels on your wedding day it is a good idea to wear heels of a similar height to what you will be wearing on the day, to your dress fitting so that you can make sure the length of the dress is just right. You’d be surprised how important this is – from the perspective of a dress maker if you are planning to have your dress custom made in particular elements such as shoe height and underwear can drastically alter your body posture which could affect the numerous measurements your boutique specialist will take in order to get the perfect fit!