We know it, and you know it – confetti cones are really popular with brides and grooms. They are the perfect and pretty way to get wedding confetti petals to their guests for that all important confetti shot.

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The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company has just unveiled their new collections of Personalised and Patterned Confetti Cones designed to offer a more personal choice alongside their Classic and Coloured Cones.

Fill each one with a handful of petals and everyone has their confetti ready for the big moment! With so much choice, their advice is simple: consider your wedding style and choose the confetti cones and petals that you love best.

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A quick guide to confetti cones:

  • All Confetti Cones are sold empty in Packs of 10, costing £9.50
  • You will need to buy 1 Pint of Petals to fill 10 Cones
  • Your Confetti Cones will arrive assembled – simply place a handful of petals in each cone. We usually suggest giving this job to a bridesmaid or your mum!
  • Delphiniums & Wildflowers and Small Rose Petals will sit prettily in the cones and both flutter really well for the big moment!
  • Cones measure approximately 17cm in height and 5cm across at the opening
  • You’ll need to stand your Confetti Cones in something – The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company have three different wedding baskets and a specially designed cone box you can use to display your confetti cones.
  • For 10 Cones – Small White Rectangular Basket, £8.00
  • For 20 Cones – Oval Basket, £8.50 or Rectangular Basket, £9, or White Box, £6.50

real-flower-petal-confetti-company-Confetti Throw

Visit confettidirect.co.uk to get yours now!


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