We love this military wedding from gorgeous couple Hannah and Steve – it was just down the road from Wedding Ideas HQ!


The proposal

Steve surprised his girl with a proposal while he was home on R&R from a tour in Afghanistan. “I was completely and utterly surprised,” remembers Hannah. “We had just got back from holiday, and I was glad to have him home and safe for a while. Weddings really weren’t on my radar. In fact, I kept him waiting half an hour before giving him an answer!

“However, less than a month later, a solider turned up at his parents’ house, to break the news that Steve had been involved in an explosion, and in that moment, I knew instantly that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. At times, it was very odd planning a wedding over the phone, hearing gun fire in the background!”


The bride’s outfit

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As soon as our bride stepped foot in Sassi Holford’s Taunton boutique, she knew she wouldn’t be leaving empty handed! “I had a made-to-measure mix of approximately three of her designs, because I loved bits of all of them,” explains Hannah. “It may have made the dress more expensive overall, but because I was most anxious about choosing the right dress, I decided it was worth it. I worked on the basis that the dress was the one that made both myself, and my mum cry, and couldn’t be upstaged by Steve in all his regalia!”


The groom’s outfit

Steve wore his Number One ceremonial dress uniform, and so didn’t need to hire or buy an outfit. The non-military members of the wedding party hired their suits from Moss Bros.


The bridesmaids

“It’s a bit of a long story, but Steve got back in touch with his older half sister, who he hadn’t seen in 20 years, a short while before the wedding. It turned out he was uncle to two little girls, who we asked to be in the wedding party,” explains Hannah. They were joined by three adult bridesmaids, who wore full-length Dessy dresses.


The ceremony

The couple chose a very relaxed, traditional church ceremony, with hymns that included Love Divine and Jerusalem for the military boys.


The flowers

“The Rose Shed created all our beautiful floral arrangements,” says Hannah. The couple chose terracotta pots filled with roses, gypsophila, peonies and eucalyptus. These were replicated in the bride’s bouquet, while the flowergirls carried pomander balls, which they later hung on the backs of the couple’s reception chairs.

The honeymoon

“Steve had narrowed it down to two honeymoon options in the end – Greece and Thailand,” says Hannah. “He placed the names in an envelope – and I picked the latter!”

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