Most brides choose to wax before their wedding because waxing removes hair for a longer period of time and a pre-wedding wax has better results than any other hair removal method.

Waxing removes the hair at the root and not just at skin level and typically lasts anywhere from three to six weeks so is the ideal hair removal option for your wedding day and honeymoon.

So if you’re thinking about waxing before your wedding, here’s everything you to need to know from Top Waxing Specialists and founders of Waxperts Wax, Ellen Kavanagh and Trish O’Brien…

10 things you need to know before you book your pre-wedding wax…

1 Do your research

Research who you are going to for your pre-wedding wax. Are they trained in the treatment you want to get done – i.e. intimate waxing? Do they use hot wax for all bikini waxes? And wax expert knows you should never use strip wax on the face, underarm or bikini – it’s way too harsh for the delicate skin on those areas. A hot wax, or peelable wax with a prewax oil, is what you need to be asking for.

Choose a beauty salon that has been recommended to you by a friend or that has great reviews.

2. Ask questions before booking your pre-wedding wax

“Do you use hot peelable wax and pre-wax oil for face/underarm/bikini waxing?” This means that your sensitive areas are treated and waxed correctly using hot wax instead of strip wax, which should only be used on the tougher body parts like legs and arms. 

“Do you have a no double-dipping policy?” This means that the salon uses a new stick for every dip into their wax pots ensuring that there is no cross contamination or bacteria transferred from client to client.

If a salon answers “no” to either question above, find another salon that answers “yes”.

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3. Start waxing months before your wedding

Start your waxing at least 4 months before your wedding. This will ensure that your hair growth is in a slower growth pattern and skin will remain smooth for not only your wedding but your honeymoon too.

If you’re tanning for your wedding, leave 2 days (48hours) in between your wax and tanning appointment, to ensure a smooth, even glow.

4. Grow your hair before your wedding 

 The ideal hair length for waxing should be the same length as a grain of rice. If hair is too short, the wax won’t grip it sufficiently for super smooth removal. 

5. Don’t trim your hair before your wax

Clients who trim before a wax, always trim the hair way too short. Therapists would prefer if you put the scissors down, and left the hair for them to deal with. 

6. Prepare your skin before your wax

Gently exfoliate your skin using exfoliating gloves 24 hours before your wax to remove any build up of dead skin cells, loosen any ingrown hairs and keep your skin smooth.

7. Avoid sun exposure before your wax

Over-exposed skin from the sun or sunbed use will be overheated, and not be able to be waxed for 24-48 hours after. 

8. Avoid caffeine before your pre-wedding wax

Keep the tea and coffee to a minimum leading up your wax appointment. The caffeine in both will stimulate your skin to be extra sensitive.

9. Wear loose clothing after waxing

After waxing, the best thing for your skin is to be kept cool, clean and unrestricted. So leave your skinny jeans and tights at home. 

10. Breathe during your wax 

There is no need to be nervous. You have researched your salon. Your therapist is a professional and has most likely performed this treatment 100 times over. Just relax, let her do her thing and it’ll be over before you know. 

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