Most brides choose to wax before their wedding because waxing removes hair for a longer period of time and a pre-wedding wax has better results than any other hair removal method.

Waxing removes the hair at the root and not just at skin level and typically lasts anywhere from three to six weeks so is the ideal hair removal option for your wedding day and honeymoon.

So if you’re thinking about waxing before your wedding day, we asked the founder of Ministry of Waxing, Cynthia Chua, all the key questions about a pre-wedding wax…

How soon before the wedding should you have a wax?

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We recommend to wax 2-3 days before your big day – it’s a huge no-no to wax on the day of the event, especially if you are new to waxing!

Those with very sensitive skin might incur slight redness or blotchiness, which will calm down in a day or so. If any skin irritation arises, apply some of M.O.’Ws Ice Cream for instant relief.

How long until the hairs grow back after a wax?

As waxing removes hair straight from the root, brides can expect smooth and hair-free skin for about 2-3 weeks. Hair re-growth will also be finer, or even a lower volume if you wax often, as your hair follicles weaken over time.

Most will get a wax about 4-6 weeks after their last treatment. The ideal length for an optimum wax job is 6mm in length for a Brazilian wax.

What’s the difference between hot wax and strip wax?

Hard wax, such as M.O.W’s specially formulated Berry Chocolate wax and Strawberry wax is soft and gentle on the skin, which is excellent for sensitive areas such as the Brazilian and the underarm.

The wax hardens and shrink-wraps around hair strands very quickly, before Waxperts pull off the hardened wax pieces along with the unwanted hair. This method greatly reduces contact and tugging of the skin during hair removal.

Strip/soft wax, on the other hand requires a piece of strip cloth to aid hair removal. Waxperts will apply a thin layer of wax onto the skin, smooth on the strip cloth which is pulled off to remove hair.

Soft wax is great for larger body parts such as the legs and arms, as the process is much faster and aids in the exfoliation of dead skin. However, soft wax tends to tug on the skin surface more, thus it is not recommended for sensitive areas.

What waxing method is less painful?

It is not always a case of no pain, no gain at M.O.W! Our specially formulated wax and waxing technique ensures a near painless waxing experience. Depending on the body part, different waxing methods would be more suitable.

As a rule of thumb, always opt for a hard wax for Brazilian as it shrink wraps and removes the hair gently without tugging the skin.

You can always opt to take an aspirin or ibuprofen about 30-45 minutes before waxing to help reduce discomfort, especially if you are waxing sensitive areas such as the Brazilian or chest. Do not wax a week prior to menstrual cycle because the skin is more sensitive during that period.

Should you trim before getting a bikini wax?

It is best to leave any trimming or grooming to our professionally Waxperts!

Shaving or plucking hair prior to the wax appointment might cause the hair strands to be too short to be removed efficiently. Hair strands should preferably about 4-6 mm in length.

Should you have your first ever bikini wax before your wedding? 

Be rest assured that you’ll be in good hands at M.O.W, whether you are a Brazilian virgin or not!

Prior to any treatment, Waxperts will provide a full consultation where the treatment, the benefits and before / after wax care will be explained fully in detail. Any questions or uncertainties will also be addressed during the session.

For brides feeling pre-waxing jitters, they will be provided with an adorable M.O.W animal squeezy toy to accompany them during the waxing process.

How can you prevent ingrowing hairs?

Shaving is the leading cause of ingrown hair, followed by wearing of tight clothing and being waxed by inexperienced therapists. Ingrown hair is an unsightly and uncomfortable problem that can lead to infection and scarring if not treated.

To prevent this condition, regular exfoliation to removes dead skin and moisturising helps keep skin soft and supple. Pores will be less clogged, because congested pores can lead to inflammation or ingrown hair growth.

Applying a good ingrown hair cream such as M+G Ingrown Hair Cream, also helps to gently exfoliate the skin without dryness and irritation too!

Any waxing aftercare tips?

For the next 24 hours post-treatment, no tight clothing covering the treatment area or intensive exercise including swimming, hot showers, saunas or steam baths. For the next week, no scrubbing or sun-tanning.

For best post-treatment results, apply SCO Peace+ to slow down hair growth for better results. Moisturise with Ice Cream twice daily. After one week, lightly scrub the treatment area twice weekly to prevent ingrown hair.

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