It’s one of the biggest days of people’s lives, but an increasing number of wedding guests are tuning out as their friends and family walk down the aisle, according to the results of a survey by Ladbrokes Games.

And it looks like it’s women who are the main culprit for becoming distracted and turning straight to their phones at weddings. Us? Surely not… RC220314-370

One in ten survey respondents admitted to playing on their phone whilst at a wedding, along with others who play online games while on dates and at christenings.
The most unusual times at which people have played mobile games:

  1. On a date (13%)
  2. At a christening (13%)
  3. At a wedding (11%) Michelle-Simon-178

Women are by far the biggest heartbreakers when it comes to gaming on dates, with 16% tuning out when their romantic evening isn’t going to plan, compared to just 7% of men.  Similarly, women are twice as likely to game at a christening, and one in ten (11%) will game as the bride and groom say ‘I do’.

The biggest gaming multitaskers, logging in at weddings, live in:

  1. Edinburgh (20%)
  2. Belfast (14%)
  3. Sheffield (14%)
  4. Norwich (13%)
  5. London (12%) Hollie&Paul-379

For further information and stats, visit Ladbrokes and check out ‘Playing The Dating Game‘.


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