Love flowers? Love fireworks? Then take a look at this! Interflora’s latest experiment goes off with a bang…


The UK’s leading flower delivery service, Interflora, have teamed up with a top firework manufacturer and a confetti petal company to create these incredible new Flowerworks that scatter petals as they explode – and the results are nothing short of spectacular!

To celebrate Bonfire Night 2014, Interflora commissioned Rob Farrow, Special Projects Director at Alchemy Fireworks to create this breathtaking display. “The effect we created wasn’t without a challenge,” explains Rob. “We couldn’t use any traditional launching techniques as they were too powerful and the petals would be ripped apart. Therefore we needed to pack the petals tightly into the shell without breaking them to ensure a decent mass for the launch.”

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All the action was captured on a slow motion camera, so you can see all the petals perfectly as they explode into the air. Filming at a rate of up to 1,600 frames per second, the Phantom HD camera allowed the team of videographers to capture each explosion in minute detail.

“We carefully selected the flowers for best effect, using dried petals from roses, calendula, cornflowers and delphiniums and created our very own floral firework display!” says David Ragg Head of Product Development at Interflora. “The results were truly spectacular. It seems that creating a beautiful fireworks display is not unlike the creation of a floral bouquet. Each needs to be carefully arranged to maximise the visual effect of the individual rockets or flowers. This was possibly one of the most beautiful arrangements we’ve ever made.”


This beautiful Flowerwork is sadly just a one-off for now, but what an amazing idea for a wedding day? Are you having fireworks at your reception? Does your venue allow them? Come and chat about entertainment ideas with the Wedding Ideas team on the forum today!