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A modular shelving system for your home

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The modular design of the shelving system will fit perfectly into your personal living space. That is because you specify the exact measurements of your very own walk-in wardrobe.

You decide how many wardrobe rails, drawers and shelf boards you want – and where you want them. That way, you create the exact amount of space you need for your clothes, shoes and accessories right now – and can add to the system in the future, as your wardrobe grows.

REGALRAUM’s CLOS-IT is a real storage miracle. And since you can have each and every component in the system cut to your specifications, you can have a wardrobe system in previously unused spaces like under a slanted ceiling or in wall recesses.

The load bearing posts are positioned on the floor and are then attached to either the wall or the ceiling. That makes this system a great choice for creating a room divider as well.

Another important plus is the very easy assembly of this shelving system: The elements simply hook into the posts. And if you ever feel like changing things up a little or maybe you are moving house, then you can reassemble the system easily in a different configuration.

Configuring your walk-in wardrobe online

A walk-in wardrobe must be meticulously planned. That is why REGALRAUM offers an

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