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Looking for inspiration for your vintage-style wedding? Get chic-styling ideas straight from the pages of The Great Gatsby with this wonderful wedding photo shoot from Mel Wilde Photography…


The Great Gatsby is about to make waves in the wedding industry and when it’s released, brides across the world will be inspired to have a vintage-style wedding that recreates the roaring 1920s.

In the novel, Jay Gatsby meets Daisy Fay and enjoys a month-long romance before he goes off to war, where they will be separated for eight years.

Knowing he doesn’t have the background or wealth to woo Daisy and her socialite family, he spends many years amassing a fortune to make himself worthy of her love.


“Jay Gatsby is often depicted as a character who is filled with ‘romantic readiness’ and rarely goes without his hat,” says Mel Wilde. “That’s what we’ve tried the capture in this photo shoot.”

They’ve paid homage to certain scenes in this photo shoot, such as the ‘silk shirt scene’, where Gatsby attempts to woo Daisy by convincing her of his wealth by throwing silk shirts from his closet. “In our vintage-inspired shoot we’ve used Daisy’s best friend, Jordan Baker, as a sole guest to the wedding and we use silk wedding dresses to replace the shirts referenced the iconic scene,” adds Mel.

Daisy’s favourite colour is white and Mel has captured this perfectly with the white dresses and flowers she uses in the photo shoot. “We’ve re-created a flower still from the iconic 1974 film and dressed her bridesmaid, Jordan, in white, too,” she explains.

Vintage-style wedding photoshoot

White is a traditional wedding colour, and forms the basis of this shoot. Do you think it’s bold and beautiful or basic and boring?


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