When you’re planning a wedding, there are a lot of decisions to make for the big day. What should my bridesmaid’s dress colour be? Where should I have my wedding? Where should I hold my reception? But do you know how you will get to and from all of these places on your special day? While picking transportation may not be at the top of your priority list, it is important to know what costs particularly wedding transportation will entail with the size of your guest list especially when creating an initial budget for the day!

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There are many different types of livery vehicles to choose from for your wedding, but your vehicle choice depends on a few different factors. Here are some things to consider…


Wedding Party Size

The size of your wedding party will be the first factor you’ll need to consider when picking out your vehicle of choice. If your wedding party is around the size of 5-8 people, you’ll have a lot more vehicle choices to transport your wedding party from the ceremony to the reception.

However, if you have a large wedding party with more than 10 people, you might need to start thinking creatively about getting everyone to the reception. Many limousine companies offer extra long vehicles, but your wedding party might not even fit in those if there’s more than 14 or 15 people.

Every wedding isn’t the same, so there’s no reason to limit your options because it’s not what other people do. If you have a wedding party of more than 15 people, you’ll want to consider one of the newest trends in wedding transportation — the party bus.

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The party busses normally hold up to 30 people, so if you have some friends or family who need a lift to the reception, then this option can be a great way to pregame before the reception. If you want to provide transportation for more than 30 people, you may want to consider hiring a guest shuttle to get your wedding party to your reception.

Unique Wedding Experience

If your wedding party is on the smaller size, you have an incredible opportunity to really separate your wedding from others. You can create a unique wedding experience by finding a unique vehicle to transport you throughout the night.

If you want to have a flashy ride, consider renting a luxury sports car such as a Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari or Tesla. These cool rides will have everyone doing double takes as they see you pass them after you take your vows.

You might want a flashy ride for your wedding day, but if you’re looking to add a touch of class to your wedding day, a classic livery vehicle is the perfect match. Many companies offer luxury rides in classic cars including Hudsons, Bentleys and Chevys. These cars will grab everyone’s attention when you’re driving down the road, headed to your reception or even taking post-wedding photos in front of them.

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The Costs

Lastly, cost is always the deciding factor for every couple planning their wedding. Every factor of a wedding has a price to it including the two aforementioned factors. The more you are willing to spend means the more vehicle options you will have when you select the vehicle of your choice. If you have more people in your wedding party, you will need to spend more to get from place to place.

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