When it comes such a monumental occasion as your wedding day you wouldn’t ever consider not having a photographer snap away the memories of you and your guests as you enter married life! There are certain elements that cannot be captured in the same way with still photography…this is where Keiran Fuller, Videographer and Founder of Fuller productions is here with us to explain exactly why this is something you don’t want to regret having not considered in the lead up to one of the biggest days of your life.

‘Why you should have a videographer?’ was made to give people a ‘sort of’ reality check. I think it can be quite easy to get carried away focusing too much on the budget or creating the perfect wedding that sometimes you may forget about the day itself. I try to tell Brides/Grooms-to-be that you’ve got to remember, it’s one day, it happens so fast and as a videographer, I’m here to make it last a lot longer.

 I’ve had many newlyweds who have told me that the video was the best money they spent because I think it’s the video they watch over and over again. Not only can they watch their wedding, but they can hear it. They can hear the moment they say “I do” or the best man attempting to be witty and sentimental at the same time which I’m sure isn’t easy but makes great entertainment. It’s these moments people will watch and will be reminded of the emotional day they had which can take remembering your day a little further than just photography so why not budget for both to give your wedding day life insurance.

Your wedding day is going to be filled with all those that matter most to you and they’re there to celebrate with you, be happy for you, it’s a day that’s filled with so much emotion and positive affirmations. I’ve had a couple request to capture footage of one of their close relatives as they weren’t very well and so I knew having this video was going to be so valuable to them.
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 Another of my couples said “We decided last minute to book a videographer for our wedding, several friends told me it was their biggest regret as the day flies by so quickly. How right they were. I thought I would feel self conscious being filmed but Keiran and his assistant were quiet, polite and unobtrusive. A pleasure to have around on our big day.”

48 hrs after the wedding Keiran sent us an 8 minute highlight of his footage. Nothing could have prepared us for the result. We were speechless. Anyone can stand and film a wedding but he had captured in 8 minutes the essence of the day.”

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It effortlessly flows from the serious service to the laughter of the drinks reception, arrival of evening guests and crazy dancing later on. It was without doubt the best money we ever spent, 12 days on and we are still watching it 3 times a day and have just managed to stop crying each time.”

See more of Keiran’s work on his motion view website Fuller Productions.

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