With Valentine’s Day 2019 nearly upon us, there’s no better time for brides-to-be to make a declaration of love. Here’s how to write your fiancé the best Valentine’s speech yet…

A Valentines Proposal: Nothing Says I Love You Like... Couple saying I love you

A Valentine’s Proposal: How to Make a Declaration of Love

In past years, a trip to the Odeon, followed up with some dough balls at Pizza Express might have done the trick, but this one needs to count. If you’ll excuse our making some assumptions, it’s likely you’re a bride-to-be reading this article, and that your fiancé proposed to you in a way that really put his heart on his sleeve. He left himself vulnerable and exposed. Not literally.

So how about using Valentines Day to return the favour? To say that loving something you never had the chance to prepare and to show him that he doesn’t have exclusive rights to bold, romantic gestures.

The one tip we would give any wannabe speech giver, is to be relevant. So what does relevance mean when you want to tell him you love him? It means saying it in a way that will mean something to him, because it’s in a language he understands. It is personal. So here are a few ideas to spark your Valentine’s declaration and get you writing. Just pick the character that sounds most like your husband, and start from there!

The Football Fan

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A Valentines Proposal: Nothing Says I Love You Like... football table

First things first, get your timing right. Switching off the Arsenal match at 60 minutes to pour him a glass of champagne and declare your undying love would simply demonstrate a lack of true understanding.

So ensure his mind isn’t elsewhere and tell him that you think you understand the way a true football fan feels leaving the stadium, feeling elated after their team has won a fabulous match. There’s a sense of excitement, a feeling of belonging, and a real belief that there are great times to come. And that’s the way you feel about him.

If that’s not enough, you could get really clever and ‘throw-in’ a pun or two to ‘substitute’ pure emotion for a funnier ‘point or three’.

The Bookworm

A Valentines Proposal: Nothing Says I Love You Like... book stack

You could writing a romantic novella in which you and your man live happily every after. But failing that, why not keep it simple? One option would be to take one of his favourite novels (ideally a love story), and use it to show your true feelings. Perhaps you found it boring the first time you read the book. You didn’t get it. Maybe the romance felt over the top, and the lengths to which the protagonists went to be together were simply hard to believe. Tell him that you were wrong. That you couldn’t relate with Gatsby, or Anna Karenina, or Mr Darcy, Cathy, or Jane Eyre, because you’d never felt what they had. Until now.

Of course, best to make sure you’ve both read the novel in question (if you haven’t, do some research so you can blag it convincingly)! If you can find a quote that captures how you feel, all the better.

The Techie

A Valentines Proposal: Nothing Says I Love You Like... computer code

Chances are you’re saving the new soldering kit for his next birthday. In which case, let’s stick with words. As with the above examples, the key is to speak in a language he would best understand. In this case, why not Javascript? C++? PERL? If those mean nothing to you, don’t worry: they mean nothing to us either. And if you don’t fancy learning to code before the 14th, there is another viable option: English.

If you want to stick to a card, you might consider saying that your heart has been hacked, the code of love has been cracked (you get the idea), and sign it ‘Anonymous’. Please don’t refer to ‘compatibility issues’ which may scare him despite working perfectly on paper.

The Film Buff

A Valentines Proposal: Nothing Says I Love You Like... Cinema

Short of nicking a romantic monologue from one of his favourite movies , the next best option would be take a classic love story and update it to your lives. Let’s take Casablance, for example. For Isla, the impossible choice she faces is between the man she loves (Rick), and the cause she believes in (Lazlo).

Why not tell your fiance how lucky you feel when you watch Casablanca, because to you, he is both Rick and Lazlo. Or that to when you watch Bridget Jones, you realise he is both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. Both Rhett and Ashley to your Scarlett O’Hara. Both Mrs Robinson and daughter to your Dustin Hoffman. You get the gist. The possibilities are endless!

The Foodie

A Valentines Proposal: Nothing Says I Love You Like... steak

He might turn his nose up at a suggestion to eat at Pizza Express, but a well-worded, food-centric declaration of love is a sure-fire way to impress. Depending on what really gets his mouth watering (food-wise, that is), you could prepare a few words that take one of your favourite, and season it with a sprinkling of romance. Maybe he is like the perfect steak: tender, rare, well-aged, lean, and well hung.

Alternatively, you could concoct a recipe for ‘the perfect man’, using a list of his unique qualities as an ingredient list, and his life story as preparation instructions: cook in Northampton for 18 years, before removing and letting sit in Newcastle for 3 years. Place in London for another 7 years, until perfect, contented, and engaged!

Final Thoughts

There is no golden rule for romantic declarations of love, but if you’ve taken away one thing from this article, it’s the importance of relevance. Of finding that unique perspective, that unorthodox, completely personal approach that will show how much you love him. Not the idea of loving him. Not the idea of romance itself, but him. For all his quirks, flaws, and idiosyncrasies. It’s so easy to say I love you, but rarely easy to explain why. If you can, however, he will never, ever forget it.

What next?

Hopefully this gets Valentine’s Day off to a good start. But there is a more auspicious opportunity to come. A day when you can say all this in full – and let your friends and family hear what you feel. Yes, you can become part of an ever-growing bunch of brides who speak at their wedding. They key there isn’t just to be relevant, but original too. To say something that your guests will never have heard before, and that is totally different from what the other speakers will cover on the day.

Words by: Laura Bolshaw


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