What’s the best way to ask for a particular wedding present? Poem cards are a fun, heartfelt and tactful way of telling your guests that you really want to ask for money as a wedding gift, as Karla Hall from Scarlet Rose Invitations explains…

wedding gift poem Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift With These Poem Cards

Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift With These Poem Cards

A gift poem is the ideal way of letting people know exactly what you’d really appreciate on your big day. From holiday vouchers to professional wedding lists and cash contributions, far from thinking you’re being cheeky, your loved ones will appreciate a nudge in the right direction and be relieved to be giving the perfect gift.

money gift wedding poem Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift With These Poem Cards

Increasingly popular with today’s modern brides and grooms, gift poems or ‘ask for cash’ poems can be generically worded to suit a wide range of couples, or tailored to your individual needs. Designed to be sent out along with – or even incorporated into – your wedding invitations, a poem card lets people know that, although it’s their presence rather than presents that matter most, there’s something specific you’d love if they’re planning on giving you a gift.

money gift wedding poem Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift With These Poem Cards

Everyone knows weddings are traditionally expensive – so don’t be afraid to ask for a cash gift. This way, you’re leaving it up to your guests to decide how much they’re happy to give, rather than putting a price tag on a particular present.

At Scarlet Rose Invitations, cash poems are part of our top-selling wedding stationery range. We have a selection of pre-written ask for cash poems available in a wide range of 60 stylish designs, enabling couples to match their cash poems to the rest of their wedding stationery package. We’re also happy to tailor a poem to suit your specific requirements, or if you’re feeling particularly creative, swap our poem for yours!

money gift wedding poem Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift With These Poem Cards

If you’re looking to write your own cash poem, it’s a good idea to keep it lighthearted but to the point – if you need some euros or dollars for your honeymoon, say precisely that. If it’s cash for a new conservatory, tell everyone. Guests prefer to know what their money is being spent on.

money gift wedding poem Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift With These Poem Cards

If you know what you want to say, but can’t seem to find the right words to make your poem rhyme or flow, we’re happy to help. Poetry is our forte, just get in touch and we’ll happily create a unique cash poem for a small fixed fee, then incorporate it into your favourite design from our extensive range.

money gift wedding poem Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift With These Poem Cards

For that extra special wow factor, there’s also the option to upgrade your print finish to a luxurious range of fine Italian and pearlescent cards in a variety of sizes and formats. To see more super styles and to discuss your individual needs, visit the Scarlet Rose eBay store or call the team on 01773 813302.

Our thanks to Printed.com for this handy feature. For even more wedding stationery ideas and inspiration, take a look at their website here.

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  1. Not at all. We wrote our own poem asking for contributions to our honeymoon fund. Depends largely on the poem wording. I prefer the ones that say a gift isn’t necessary but if you would like to give something, a honeymoon contribution would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I don’t think it’s anymore rude than giving guests a gift list. We have been living together for 10yrs nearly and have everything we need so what we would like to do as we are also trying to save for a house is to set up a honeymoon fund with a travel agent so we can have a few days away.

  3. I feel very uncomfortable asking for money x me and h2b have been together for 13years now so we have everything we need in our house. If people want to bring a little gift they can but we are not asking for anything x

  4. Not rude at all. My h2b and I have been together over 8 years. Our plan is to ask for money of they wish to give a gift as we have everything we need. We plan on going to Florida so our idea is to make a site where they can contribute to a meal, park tickets, massage etc so we can say thank you xx we enjoyed xx tons!

  5. My husband and I already had our own home so we didn’t want people to waste their money buying things we probably already had. We told people we would be happy just to share our day with them and didn’t need a gift, but if they really wanted to do something, we had a honeymoon fund that they could contribute towards 🙂

  6. We are giving the option of gift cards as when we moved in together we did it all on a tiny budget. We are gonna take pictures of what we buy with people’s gift cards and send it with the thank you cards so they can see what we bought 🙂 that way they’re not pressured into a fixed amount like a gift list and have the option to give us something if they want to 🙂

  7. We have chosen a poem that says the biggest gift to us is to have you share our day but if you wish to contribute in some other way , a little spending money for our chosen paradise would be really nice x

  8. We thought asking for money was rude and we don’t need anything for our house so we did charity donations if people really wanted to give something to us we split it over to charities close to our hearts and our guests loved it!

  9. So basically ur saying everyone who asks for money is rude??!!!!! Well I’m not rude but when people ask me what we want they have been told they primarily we just want them at our wedding but if they really want to do something then give a donation to our honeymoon. I would feel RUDE not giving the bride and groom something for their special day, and most were delighted to be told cash as it’s easy.

  10. I agree Janis Hay. I don’t see why people think its rude. It’s not like we’re saying if you’re coming to the wedding give us money! It’s reassuring to the guests that if they WANT to give a gift then instead of something you don’t need they can help contribute to making your honeymoon awesome!

  11. Rude from me personally not saying you are all rude I have been to plenty of weddings an haw given money as that’s what the couple wanted and I did not feel they were being rude sorry I will re word I would feel rude asking !!!

  12. How is asking for money any different than registering at stores and asking for items there? I think people will appreciate giving you what you want and need. I think it’s a great idea!

  13. No more rude than couples sending out gift lists with £50 dustbins and £75 coffee makers on it! At least the poem says ‘if you want to then get us this but you really don’t need to’…how is that rude? Nonsense

  14. Im certainly not calling anyone rude.i am just saying personally for me I dont like the idea of asking for money.its just personal opinion. Each to there own.ive been to weddings where money has been asked for as a gift and ive been happy to go with that.its just not something I would do.i havent asked for any gifts at all and haven’t registered for gifts.but the most important thing is having all our loved ones there to spend our day with us.

  15. We asked for money as we have a house and everything in it and all my family and friends know we don’t want expensive gifts as that’s not us and it gives them a choice on how much they want to give as of course times get tough money becomes short we weren’t bothered if we got loads in a card or just a card everyone got thank you card for beginning there on our day that’s what mattered p.s we put it in a poem

  16. I’d say 95% of the brides we make wedding stationery for (Tickled Pink) have an established home already and ask for money. It’s the most use to them. Other cultures have money as standard. And why is it different from a gift list? Both can come across rudely if handled badly. I have seen some grim poems and wedding lists with nothing affordable to every budget. But it is also difficult not to suggest something. If you don’t mention gifts at all then u will just get asked repeatedly. As will your mum/sis will too.

  17. Maybe I am old fashioned, however, I feel its wrong to ask for gifts of money or have a wedding list as people know if you have been living together and normally take this into account and quite often gift you money anyway.


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