Inject some life into boring table numbers with our unusual wedding table name ideas…

wedding-table-name-ideasTV Shows

Name your tables from some of your favourite television shows. If you’re artistic or have an artistic friend, why not draw some characters from each show for the tables?


Relive your childhood by naming your wedding tables after your favourite cartoons from when you were kids. Some ideas include Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny or Stewie Griffin, the choice is endless!


Having an aviation themed wedding? Then why not name your tables after some famous airplanes?

Hollywood stars

If you’re having a vintage or retro themed wedding then choose some Hollywood actors that relate to your big day theme.


Naming your wedding tables after fish is perfect if you’re having a seaside-themed wedding!

Countries visited

Have you toured the world since becoming a couple? Relive those happy memories with some wedding table names that relate to countries that you’ve visited.

WWF Wrestlers

I loved this so much, I couldn’t leave it out. One of our real brides named her tables after 80s and 90s WWF wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan and Bret “the Hitman” Hart.

Wedding table name ideas

What names are you giving your tables?


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