Of course you want your wedding to have a big impact on your guests, and of course you’ll go to great lengths to make your wedding stand out, and there’s no better way to do that than by kick-starting the anticipation with your wedding invitations.


Unique wedding ideas

Unusual wedding invitations are the best way of letting your friends and family know that they can expect something a little bit different, and a little big unique from your big day. At my English country garden themed wedding I was lucky enough to have top international artist Stephannie Barba create my invitations, which featured the Mount Somerset Hotel’s resident peacock who actually wandered into my ceremony through the hotel’s courtyard door. Not daringly different but a little bit unusual, especially because that stationery came to life on the day…

Get the little ones involved

Some of the most creative ideas we’ve seen in Wedding Ideas come from highly personalised stationery – one of our readers Sarah Bailey has invitations featuring stick drawings of ‘Mummy and Daddy’ on the front by their three year old son. ‘Mummy and Daddy are getting married’ is such a fun approach. It reminds me of the baby who was wearing a ‘Will you marry my Mummy?’ vest under his sleepsuit when Mummy went to change his nappy… Just too damn cute!

We also love the idea of tea towel invitations – a save the date, invitation and practical product all rolled into one – and we’ve also heard about mini films with a verbal invitation.

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Stray away from the norm

Of course there’s nothing wrong with going for more traditional route in terms of stationery, but if you want your wedding to be unique, weird, wacky or way out there wonderful from the word go, you’d better get your thinking cap on. Stationery designers generally love a challenge, so even if you’re not creative yourself, you’re bound to find someone who shares your vision and can make it happen.