We love unusual table names, here’s part two of our table naming ideas…

unusual-wedding-table-ideasFamous Couples

Fancy yourself as the next Baby and Jonny? Name your tables after some famous on-screen couples.

Zoo animals

If you’re getting married at the zoo then you should definitely name your tables after wild animals.

Tennis Players

Are you and your husband tennis enthusiasts? Name your tables after Grand Slam winning champions!

Music Albums

Music buffs love to name their wedding tables after their favourite musicians and albums. Who would you choose?


Naming your tables after planets is great if you have a science inspired wedding.


Important places

Map a story of your life through your table names. Name your tables after significant places such as the place where you had your first kiss or the location where your partner proposed.

Underground lines

If you live in London this is a fantastic way to name your tables.

Check out part one of our unusual table name ideas!

How are you naming your tables?



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