What’s the quickest way to personalise your wedding outfit? With unique wedding shoes, of course!

Unique-wedding-shoes-green-ashtonphotography.co.ukThey’re lots of fun and make for some fabulous photo opportunities. Whether you’re having sky-high stilettos, cute kitten heels or wonderful wedding wedges, we’ve come up with five super-easy ways to customise your perfect pair – without breaking the bank!

First up is dyeing. Whether you go for bright fuchsia pink or emerald green, dyeing is one of the easiest ways to get unique wedding shoes. We say the bolder, the better – and it doesn’t even matter if they don’t exactly match your colour scheme because they will be hidden under your dress for most of the day.

Next up – shoe clips. Sparkly stones, bows or flowers – when it comes to shoe clips, the possibilities are endless. If you still want a traditional ivory wedding shoe  with a little personalised twist, shoe  clips could be for you. Elegant Steps, Rachel Simpson and Freya Rose are just three big names that specialise in these clever wedding details. They can transform plain designs into unique wedding shoes in an instant. And the best news is that, in many cases, they can be adapted into a brooch after the big day, meaning you can wear your clever clip again and again.

Brides who like bling will love this next idea. Crystals are a glamorous bride’s best friend and adding them to your shoes will give them a real red-carpet feel. If you just want a hint of sparkle, confine them to the heel of the shoe but if you want to make a big impact, the all-over crystal look is best. Crystal Bridal Accessories and Benjamin Adams at Paradox are both experts in creating super-sparkly wedding shoes.

Unique-wedding-shoes-ribbons-emmacasephotography.comWant sparkle in a more subtle form? Why not try some I Do shoe stickers? These fun little details are budget friendly – usually under £5… and they could even be your ‘something blue’!

But what happens when traditional wedding shoes just won’t do? If you’re planning a country wedding in the UK, chances are that your pristine ivory shoes won’t stay perfect for long. Swap them for a cute pair of wedding wellies and you can march across the fields to your heart’s content. A fun addition to your summer outfit, and  a wedding essential if you’re getting married in winter, Weddington Boots or these pink Hunter wellies are best buys in our book – perfect for princess brides! If you’re looking for unique wedding shoes, our real wedding section is  a great place to start – one of our favourite real brides personalised her Converse All Stars with blue and purple ribbons – an inexpensive idea that made a big impact. We love!

Have you personalised your wedding shoes?

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