Been thinking about unique wedding ideas for your big day? We’ve got a fab guide that can really give your wedding the wow factor!

Fab unique wedding ideas

Ideas for a unique wedding starts with personal touches. Every month, our fab real life wedding section is filled with ideas from real couples – experiences they’ve had, special places they’ve been and the people they care about. A wedding should reflect you, your tastes and your life story so far, and there are plenty of ways to do it without breaking the bank! Let’s start with the invitations. You can make them your own with something as big as a photo of the two of you, or as small as your initials on the front. You could even go the whole hog and make your invites from scratch to really put your stamp on the day.

unique-wedding-ideasFollowing on from invitations, why not go for a theme that’s close to your heart? Easy ways to add a personal feel are colour-coding certain elements like invites, dresses and chair covers. Or you could theme the entire day – it could be anything from 1950s or Victorian, to Vegas or James Bond! For the ceremony, most couples choose several readings and often stick to the classics. But it’s nice to mix and match older readings with new ones – some even include song lyrics instead of traditional prose. Just remember to check with your officiant if the reading is suitable, especially if your ceremony is religious.

Make your mark

Put your stamp on the reception by naming tables after special places, favourite flowers, animals – anything but impersonal numbers. Also, involve friends and family by asking people other than the father of the bride to say a few words. In addition to your menu, the cake is a great opportunity to reflect your personal taste.

Why not indulge in something spectacular?! You can even have a ‘cheese’ cake, made of several layers of cheese. Add something different to the party, too. If you are having a DJ, give him a list of your favourite songs, or go one step further and take dancing lessons to put on an amazing first dance. And why not book an act, like dancers or jugglers to entertain guests? Another popular choice is the photobooth, a brilliant way to get souvenirs from all your guests. If you know your friends will party until late and then get peckish, why not hire a hot dog stand?

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Finally, give your guests a handwritten thank you note with each favour as they make their way home. The perfect personalised gift – and one that doesn’t cost a penny!