Here are 10 ideas for unique wedding favours that are guaranteed to be in your guests’ pockets at the end of the night…, couples offer their guests wedding favours as a way of saying thank you to them for sharing their special day. But often the trinkets are left on the tables at the end of the day or even chucked away altogether!

Ideas for Unique Wedding Favours


Whether you’re having a beach-inspired wedding theme or not, pebbles can work as a unique wedding  favour idea and a place name in one! Simply collect your pebbles and write the guest’s name on it in a metallic pen. Cheap, pretty and practical, too!


You can either buy seed packets or pop some in a little bag and offer them to your guests. You could choose seeds of the flowers in your bouquet to remind guests of your wedding, and for a sentimental touch, ask them to plant the seeds when they get home and watch the plant bloom like your marriage will. Aww!

Charity Donations

Rather than giving your guests chocolates or sweets, you could buy a charity pin for them to wear. Both you and your guests will feel good knowing that the money spent on their favour has gone to a good cause.

Magnets or keyrings

Ok, so this is a little bit more expensive, but everyone will love it! Get each magnet or keyring personalised with a picture of you and the guest for them to treasure forever.

unique-wedding-favours-alternative-wedding-ideas-on-a-budget-camelotphotographic-assassynationHomemade Jam

The DIY trend is still going strong, and homemade treats for guests to eat will go down very well. You could make your own marmalade or jam and put them in jars you’ve collected, complete with a gingham top and personalised tag. Easy and so sweet!

Get writing!

Simple but effective, penning your own poem or short story that’s completely unique to your guest is totally free and will mean a lot to your friend or family member.

Newlywed CD

Make a disc full of all the songs played at your wedding, a selection from the reception party, the first dance and just some of your favourite tunes as a couple. You could have fun creating your own unique sleeve, too!

One-off Favours

There’s no rule that says all your favours need to be the same. For a personal idea, give each guest something that reminds you of them. The possibilities are endless!

Lottery Tickets

Costing only £1 each, you can offer each guest a lottery ticket or scratch card with the words ‘we hope today is as lucky for you as it has been for us’.

Homemade Mini Drinks

Create your own couple’s punch and put it in mini bottles complete with a ‘drink me’ label for guests to take home.

Have you got any ideas for unique wedding favours? What are you giving your wedding guests?

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