While it would take a brave man to admit it in front of their bride-to-be, for many grooms, the stag do is the thing they look forward to even more than the wedding itself.


Here are 10 truly unforgettable stag do adventures to inspire your plans for the ultimate weekend to remember.

Overnight werewolf hunting experience, UK

Forget settling down to watch Twilight, intrepid stags can star in their own horror movie-inspired hunt, heading into the woods armed with booby traps, trip wires and weapons to hunt werewolves during the dead of night.

One hell of a weekend.

Wok racing, Sweden/Germany

You may need to be a noodle short of a chow mein to throw yourself down an Olympic bobsled track sat on nothing but a wok, but thrill-seekers from around the world have made this a staple ingredient of the German winter calendar.

Pamplona Bull Run, Spain

One of Spain’s most infamous festivals, you can feel the testosterone flowing through the streets as daredevils from around the world descend on Pamplona to let angry bulls chase them through the streets.

Naked sled race, Germany

If racing on woks sounded crazy, how about hurtling down a ski slope on a sled wearing nothing but your birthday suit? Wild parties are in store when the German resort of Braunlage hosts its annual naked sled race, with live music, entertainment and plenty of bare flesh meaning there is plenty to keep stags happy.


Tedfest, Ireland

Copious amounts of Guinness and a relentless search for ‘the craic’ means Ireland is always high on the list for stag do destinations. Throw in this unique tribute to cult comedy series Father Ted and you’ve got laughs galore and, of course, plenty of ‘DRINK!’

Snowmobiles, Karkow & Riga

High octane adventure doesn’t get more breathtaking. Feel the freedom of speeding across snowy slopes and frozen lakes in stunning mountain surroundings for an invigorating adventure.

Beer bike, Budapest

How to you make cycling fun? Add 14 seats and a bar to the bike. This is sightseeing like never before, as the whole gang join forces to pedal around town without even having to stop for a beer.

Banger Racing, Tallinn

Think you can drive? Think again. This high speed day will see you spinning, skidding and powersliding your way across a rally driving track in top spec cars.


Warrior Dash, UK & US

Combining adventure with boozing for the best of both worlds, this gruelling 5km assault course boasts obstacles including walls of fire and finished in style at the beer tent complete with free booze.

Water Jetpacks, Riga & UK

As close as you’ll get to feeling like you can fly. The high pressure aqua jetpack propels you out of the water like some kind of dolphin-inspired James Bond.

 Are you planning an unforgettable stag do? Where are you heading to?

Mike is the Head of Digital Marketing at Chillisauce, which is famous for organising stag dos, hen nights, corporate events and activity weekends. When he’s not doing geeky tech stuff, Michael writes for Chillisauce’s adventure blog Discover A Life Less Ordinary and also runs eventjuice a popular event planning blog.