One maid or many, you’ve chosen your best girls with care. They’re a huge part of your wedding day – holding your hand through the planning, dress shopping for as long as you like, keeping you calm on your wedding morning, but do your girls match up to these ultimate bridesmaid goals?

One maid or many, you've chosen your best girls with care - but do your bridesmaids live up to these ultimate bridesmaid goals?

Here to help

The best bridesmaids will support you with whatever you need because they love you and they’re super excited about your wedding too, but they won’t take over.


Shop ‘til you drop

You know when you’re out shopping with your best girls that they’ll choose just the right things without you saying a word, so they look super stylish but don’t upstage you.


Strut their stuff

Likewise, your girls will be flexible when it comes to what they wear and you’ll love them for it, which means you’ll find the dress or dresses that you all love and, whatever you pick, they’ll wear it with confidence.


Many, many movie nights

As the wedding draws near, you’re probably onto wedding movie reruns, having watched them all with your bridesmaids already! Regardless, they’re living your wedding buzz too, so when you call a movie night, they’ll be there, even if it means watching 27 Dresses for the third time this year.

One maid or many, you've chosen your best girls with care - but do your bridesmaids live up to these ultimate bridesmaid goals?

They never bail

The best bridesmaids will never let you down. Whether it’s an exciting dress fitting or another long night sewing bunting, you can count on them to be there AND to keep it fun. If you can trust them to do this, you can definitely trust them with a bridesmaid speech – here are all the tips they’ll need.


Team couple

They’ll give you a cuddle while you cry if the stress all gets too much, but they’ll still always be team couple, rooting for you both, however much you moan about your groom because he just doesn’t understand why the chair ties need to be light pink and not fuchsia!


Throw the perfect hen party

They’ll throw you the best hen party ever because it’ll be exactly the kind of thing you would have chosen yourself. Worries won’t even cross your mind – you know they’ll nail it.


Wedding morning magic

On the wedding morning, even though they want to look glam too (they are walking down the aisle too, after all!), they’ll put you first and make sure you have a ton of fun, keep your jitters to a minimum and let you know just how amazing you look – because you will!


Are your best girls nailing these bridesmaid goals?