The UK’s Eurovision star Lucie Jones may have had the most romantic proposal surprise we’ve ever seen by French-American boyfriend Ethan Boroian with an extremely well planned proposal video that you can watch right here!



The former X Factor star and now UK representative for Eurovision 2017 met Ethan during boot camp of X Factor and became friends, which later led to their first date! It is clear from then on they knew they were meant to be together – you will notice Ethan started filming the proposal video just 9 days after they officially got together!


Lucie Jones


She said: “I am still in shock. I had no idea that he’s been planning this and the thought and creativity that went into the proposal is just the best thing ever”

“We had such a perfect weekend. After he showed me the video he got down on one knee and presented me with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.”


Lucie Jones1


Ethan filmed himself in many of the places the couple visited whilst they have been together and holding up a sign in each location with the amount of days they’d been a couple written on it!

Ethan proposed with the video just over a year ago and plan to marry in Lucie’s home church in Wales with the big welsh wedding she has always dreamed of! We can’t wait to see the photos!

Let us know your shock romantic proposal stories!


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