The UK Capital City of Hen Weekends Is…

The United Kingdom is blessed with four awesome and very different capital cities for the best hen weekends! If you are planning a hen party weekend away in this country, prepare to be spoilt for choice…

The UK Capital City of Hen Weekends is?
Hen party capital?

Decide for yourself where is the perfect destination for your hens as we grade each city with a score and crown our UK hen party capital of capitals. The grading will include ease of access, accommodation options, eating and drinking, costs and activities. Let our guide to the great UK capitals help you plan the perfect hen party experience.



The capital of Wales Cardiff, once known as the industrial city, has become a centre of culture and technology and is one of the UK’s premier hot spots especially when it comes to the nightlife!

Getting to Cardiff – 4/5

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Cardiff scores highly in this category but misses out on top marks due to it’s sub standard air regional air links. This won’t affect most visitors as you would usually arrive by train or road. Cardiff is on the motorway network and has fast trains from London and other UK towns and cities.

Accommodation in Cardiff – 4/5

Cardiff has an excellent range of places to stay that can easily cater for large parties. The only negative is that Cardiff can have a lot of planned weekend events on which can put pressure on hotel rooms.

Eating and drinking in Cardiff – 4/5

Cardiff scores highly again and is very happening for a city of it’s size. Pretty much all tastes are catered for in terms of restaurants and pubs/clubs.

Cost of a hen weekend in Cardiff – 5/5

Cardiff is one of the more affordable of the capital cities. The average price of a pint is around £3.30 making it much cheaper than London and Edinburgh. Hotel rooms are good value for money providing you book in advance and avoid big sporting events.

Activities in and around Cardiff – 5/5

Cardiff scores highly because there is so much to engage with in the city itself, with the surrounding countryside also very accessible. The ‘Welsh Games’ should be high up on your list for the ultimate activity challenge for the competitive hen group! Specialising in catering for Cardiff hen party weekends, Welsh games is a little like BBC’s once popular It’s a Knockout show and has excellent reviews on Tripadvisor.

As an alternative, just over the bridge you will find one of the best Bristol activities in the form of West Country Games. This is the sister activity site to Welsh Games with a West Country twist!

Cardiff Hen Party Weekend Score: 22/25


The capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast also built it’s reputation on industry, and like Cardiff it has turned in to something of a cultural capital.

Getting to Belfast – 2/5

If you are coming from anywhere else in the UK then you are basically having to fly to Belfast. That said, the airport is busy and you can fly to Belfast from most other regions of the UK even smaller airports such as Exeter.

Accommodation in Belfast – 3/5

There is a pretty good range of accommodation in the city but it receives far less tourists.

Eating and drinking in Belfast – 4/5

Belfast has an excellent range of nightclubs, drinking/dancing hotspots and places to eat for a medium sized city. Locals really know how to let their hair down, so fun is guaranteed!

Cost of a hen weekend in Belfast – 5/5

Belfast can make for a cheap weekend and the costs in the city itself makes it the best value of the four cities. Much will depend on securing cheap flights, but if you are planning your hen party far ahead, then this shouldn’t be an issue.

Activities in and around Belfast – 55

There are a number of dance classes for hen parties in Belfast one of which was created inspired by Strictly Come Dancing. Let the girls show off their finest Foxtrots, Tangos, Rumbas and Cha Cha Chas!

Belfast Hen Party Weekend Score: 19/25



The capital of Scotland has been hosting hen parties for as long as anyone can remember. So much to see and do in Edinburgh, little wonder that it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Europe.

Getting to Edinburgh 4/5

Edinburgh scores highly due to the excellent rail and air links. It is a bit of a drive from most part of England though, so maybe look out for early flight deals if you are coming from the far south.

Accommodation in Edinburgh 5/5

Being a tourist juggernaut, Edinburgh had every kind of accommodation available, and in great numbers too. Try and avoid August as the whole of Europe descends on the city for the famous Edfringe festival.

Eating and Drinking in Edinburgh 5/5

You will never go hungry in the Scottish capital. Everything is on offer from the finest haute cuisine to deep fried chocolate bars!

Cost of a hen party in Edinburgh 4/5

Edinburgh is not as cheap but partying on a budget is possible. Expect to pay more for everything during festival time.

Activities in and around Edinburgh 5/5

Fans of the Crystal Maze would be delighted with the Edinburgh based Escape Game. These are great fun plus they really get your brain going. Perhaps not the best activity after a big night out in the city.

Edinburgh Hen Party Weekend Score: 23/25



One of planet Earth’s principal cultural centres certainly needs no introduction, so we won’t give it one.

Getting to London 5/5

Too easy.

Accommodation in London 5/5

London is not really short of anything and has some of the highest number of beds of any city in the world. Remember that the world descends on London most times of the year, so booking well ahead is the smart thing to do (essential in the summer).

Eating and drinking in London 5/5

Whatever theme you might come up with for your hen party, London will cater for it. You’ll probably want to be in the West End where it all happens.

Cost of a hen party in London 2/5

London’s achilles heel is the cost. Trying to spend a weekend in this city on the cheap is almost impossible. Food, drink, travel and activities are going to cost. But what it costs you to stay, the people,music and modern city life will make up for!

Activities for a London Hen Weekend 5/5

Bear in mind how much time can be eaten up travelling around London and choose your activities accordingly. If you want to stick with the West End then there are a number of outfits that provide ‘Cocktail Master classes’. There is so much competition that you should be able to score a great deal for most things.

London Hen Party Weekend Score: 22/25

So our winner is Scotland! Edinburgh might just be the best destination for your hen party in the UK. What we can be certain about is that you can not go wrong in any of the British capitals.