5 Types of Wedding Gift List To Make Choosing And Receiving Gifts EASY!

The upcoming new year is not the only change; your standard wedding registry is new and improved, making it easier to choose and receive wedding gifts. Instead of going from store to store, or registering with multiple online retailers, you can set up your wedding gift list(s) from one platform. Read on to learn what specific types of gift lists are available for brides and grooms!

1. Group Gift Lists

Perhaps you and your soon-to-be spouse are set on a beautiful sofa or a weekend getaway. While these gifts may be too expensive for your friends and family to afford individually — (or may make some feel uncomfortable with that kind of purchase)—having a group gift list gives those you love an opportunity to pool their funds together to give you and your fiancé the wedding gift you have wanted.

Know that you don’t have to have an entire wedding gift list set aside for only group gifts; you can simply personalize your registry by marking specific gifts as group gift options. This ensures that should a friend or family member want to give you something individually (or if they’d also like to pitch in on the group gift but give a separate gift as well) they will easily be able to.

90-Minute Couples Massage Over the Ocean


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This is a perfect wedding gift list idea to mark as a group gift, giving those who may not be able to afford the massage by themselves a way to contribute.

2. Honeymoon Fund

Instead of selecting individual gifts you’d like for your wedding, why not give your wedding guests the option of contributing to your honeymoon fund? This relieves pressure from the bride or groom’s family, let alone the bride and groom themselves, in having to pay for the entire honeymoon.

You can set up a general honeymoon fund where guests can pitch in for the honeymoon costs (e.g. plane tickets, hotel room, restaurants, etc.). Or personalize it by give your guests specific honeymoon options—such as setting aside a honeymoon fund for the plane tickets and a specific one for the hotel rooms. That way, guests can feel more a part of the gift-giving experience, knowing exactly what their monetary contributions are going towards.

Round Trip Plane Tickets

plane tickets

As mentioned, setting up a round trip plane tickets option is a great way to personalise your honeymoon fund. Friends and family members can pool their contributions together to make this possible. (Know that you can customise the price depending on your honeymoon destination.)

3. Home Down Payment Fund

You can also set up a home down payment fund, where friends and family members can pitch in to help you and your soon-to-be spouse get to the next milestone and afford your first home as a newlywed couple. Similar to the honeymoon fund, you can customise this wedding gift list, making it as specific or as general as you’d like.

Kitchen Remodel


A kitchen remodel fund is a great option to put under the home down payment fund. Couples who are looking at homes will have more flexibility, being able to choose their dream home with the outdated kitchen knowing that they have the financial means to remodel it soon after or before they move in.

4. Celebration Fund

Why not give guests the option of helping you and your significant other with the wedding by having a celebration fund? Friends and family members can pitch in on the photographer, hair stylist, wedding cake, and flowers.

Plus, it will make them smile knowing that they helped make your big day that much more special. Similar to the home down payment and honeymoon funds, you can customise it however you’d like. Also, know that the celebration fund doesn’t have to only include wedding items; add a paddle boarding and brunch day trip, dinner and a movie, or private cooking class.

IDEA: Flowers

celebration fund

Flowers make a wedding more beautiful and special. Flowers can be used as centrepieces on tables and/or decorations around the wedding ceremony venue and reception. 

5. Charity Donation

You and your significant other have everything you need: each other. With the wedding and honeymoon planned and paid for, you and your soon-to-be spouse have agreed you do not need any more financial help.

Instead, a charity donation would be a better way for friends and families to show their support and love for your union. Choose one or several charity/charities—like The Trevor Project or Make a Wish Foundation—for guests to donate to.  

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Which type of wedding gift list will you choose?!