We asked one beautiful bride who had twobirds’ bridesmaids all about her big day, including her 82-year old matron of honour…

Bride’s name – Lucy

Date of wedding – August the 7th 2011

Venue – Wivelsfield Church and reception at the South Lodge Hotel Sussex

Photographer – Ken Buist

Dress designer – Stephanie Allin


Colour theme?

Navy and pink. We called it ‘classic with a twist’ and there was a theme of Englishness running through it, particularly musically. We had the guests arriving to an orchestral version of Here Comes The Sun, which set the theme and mood beautifully and we left the church to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, which my Godfather played on the church organ. The bridesmaids were in navy with pale pink shoes, and I was wearing a pair of hot pink Louboutins under my wedding dress!

What was your best idea?

I really loved the stationery – we had letterpress stationery made, and our designer Unita Designs did a silhouette of us, which then became our wedding logo. On the guests’ place cards, we put either a nickname, or anecdote about the guests, which caused a lot of laughter during the meal! Most of the guests took their place cards home, which I was really pleased about. Also, I chose to walk down the aisle to a piece of jazz music that my Dad wrote for me when I was seven years old, which was a great idea. The ice cream tricycle also went down very well. It was serving alcoholic cocktail flavoured ice creams after all!

What was your favourite part?

The service was really special. And I loved our first dance, which was to Maybe I’m Amazed by McCartney and the Wings. We didn’t do anything gimicky with it, it is just a really special song to us and despite everyone watching us, I felt like we were the only two people in the room.

Where did you get your bridesmaids dresses from?

Twobirds Bridesmaid, and I Love Gorgeous. Grandma, my Matron of Honour got a jacket from LK Bennett that matched her twobirds matron of honour gown perfectly.


Who were your bridesmaids?

My matron of honour was my 82-year old Grandma! We even managed to get her a beautiful ball gown from twobirds to complement the shorter rosette dresses that my girls were wearing. I also had my two best friends, Carla and Leanne, and a little girl name Cameron who wore a white dress from I Love Gorgeous with a matching sash from twobirds.

Why were the dresses right for them?

Because we were able to make everyone in my bridal party look fabulous, in something right for their body, style and age, while still keeping them recognisable as being in the bridal party. I have always had a love of beautiful dresses, and I didn’t want anything generic or too ‘bridesmaidy’. I completely fell in love with the rosette dresses when I first saw them on the website, because I really wanted something with a little ‘fashion’ touch and brilliantly we could even get something for Grandma in the same colour and material from twobirds that she loved as well. One of my bridesmaids actually shed a tear when she first tried on her rosette dress – she said she had never worn something that felt that special in her life. We were sold! And my girls did have great fun on the day changing the way they wore them. We had such a wonderful experience with twobirds, the girls in the shop were absolutely fabulous at helping us work out how to dress a slightly unusual bridal party! I became friends with them during our various visits, and am still friends with them on Facebook! It was such a lovely, personal experience, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

What will your bridesmaids do with their dresses afterwards?

My Grandma is planning on wearing hers to my 30th birthday meal, Carla has already worn hers to another wedding, and Leanne has worn hers to a birthday party.