It’s not often that two well known bridal manufacturers, one from the UK and one from ‘across the pond’, find each other in the unusual circumstances that these two companies have this summer.

two-big-name-bridal-companies-joining-forcesSwansea based Benjamin Roberts and Texas based bridal company Watters are coming together to release the brand new autumn collections of Watters bridal collection, Wtoo and ‘encore’.

It means that Benjamin Roberts will be taking over distribution of the Watters bridal collection in the UK and will be exhibiting their brand new collections at the Bridal Buyer Exhibition Harrogate in September.

What do you think about the merger of two of the world’s biggest bridal brands?

Are you wearing Benjamin Roberts on your big day?

Let us know! x


  1. Wow, I didn’t know this. I am off to the exhibition Harrogate this September. I cant wait to see the new collections. Thanks for post.


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