This week, Susan York Tiaras down in sunny Devon caught my eye.

Accessorise your evening hairdo with a comb like this

Established in 2000, their beautiful bridal accessories are all individually handmade using the finest Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls, making each and every one a potential heirloom for the future.

Every piece can be customised with your own choice of colours but what excites me most is Susan’s amazing one-of-a-kind vintage accessories, formed out of antique jewellery. Brooches can be reconstructed on to hairbands, combs or pins to create truly unique pieces that no one else in the world will have! Pretty special, eh?

With pins starting from £1 and tiaras and headbands starting from around £30, these pieces are brilliant for brides on a budget. Check them out today at or follow her with me @susanyorktiaras

6 top tips for buying bridal accessories

Side tiaras give a traditional look a modern twist

  1. Don’t look at accessories until you’ve found your dress.
  2. Don’t think you have to have the same hair accessories for everyone. Mix it up a little and give your girls pieces that reflect their personalities.
  3. Consider your bridal jewellery as heirlooms of the future. Well-made pieces can be passed on for years to come.
  4. Choose pieces that are similar to what you’d normally wear. For instance, if you love chunky jewellery, delicate pieces might feel strange on the big day.
  5. The easiest way to change your look from day to night is with your accessories. Delicate daytime pieces can be exchanged for larger, sparkly, statement accessories later on. If you wore your hair up in the day, pull it down for the evening and pop in a side comb or hair flower.
  6. Although traditional tiaras are making a comeback thanks to Kate Middleton’s royal wedding look, side tiaras, headbands and even birdcage veils will look amazing and give your traditional bridal look a modern twist.



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