You’ve lived through the Macarena, you’ve survived Gangham Style, but are you ready to twerk it at your wedding reception?

wedding twerking natashahurley

It’s huge in the US and it’s heading across the Atlantic to a wedding reception near you! If you have no idea what we’re talking about when we mention the phrase twerking let us take you back in time. Made popular in the 1990s, twerking has re-emerged as the latest dance floor craze to rival The Electric Slide, and when the “How To Twerk” instructional video from Howcast ended up with 10 million views YouTube we knew something big was about to sweep the world.

Twerking has even taking a firm grip in the world of pop music, with US singer Miley Cyrus heading the charge. In fact she loves twerking SO much, she’s writing a song with Justin Bieber and Lil Twist, titled – you guessed it – Twerk. But it’s not just Miley who’s dominating the world with this new dance craze, British lovelies One Direction have been spotted doing a bit of twerking of their own. Harry Styles got asked to show off some dance moves during the Teen Choice Awards 2013, so what did he do? He twerked it like there was no tomorrow!

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So what does this mean for wedding receptions across the world? Imagine the scene, everyone having a nice evening, friends and family are mingling and people are happily dancing away, when suddenly the bass drops and everyone rushes to shake their booty on the dance floor. Appropriate? Maybe not, but it’s a bit of fun and shouldn’t every wedding have that?

While the Macarena and Elecrtic Slide has an innocent charm that everyone can enjoy, could you really see yourself, let alone your grandma twerking it on the dance floor? Join the discussion on the Wedding Ideas forum and voice your opinion today!