With most outdoor activities ruled out, finding something to do for an autumn or winter hen party can seem a bit of a challenge. So we teamed up with the hot hen party organisers, Darling Hens, to give you some seasonal inspiration…

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More and more brides are choosing to get married in winter, which normally means that hen parties have to embrace the season too. Moving guests around to lots of different location is difficult enough without having to worry about wind and rain, so it’s a great idea to book somewhere that will let you stay for both your daytime activity and refreshments, and ideally one which isn’t too far from your evening plans!


Autumn and winter are the perfect excuses to get your sequins, faux fur and glitz out, so a 1920s or vintage look is a great idea for a seasonal hen party. You could all wear beautiful headpieces or fascinators, or better still, get together and spend the afternoon making your headpieces before wearing them out that evening. This is ideal for any creative and vintage-loving hens, and is available at Darling Hens too – just click here!

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And as the temperatures drop and the evenings draw in, decadent activities like chocolate and whiskey tastings are becoming more and more popular. Chocolate and alcohol tend to be real crowd pleasers, and these kind of evenings are definitely a fun and alternative idea for you and your best girls to celebrate. Darling Hens offer both of these fun ideas; if chocolate tasting or whiskey tasting takes your fancy, then check them out on the website, and get your chocolate fix.


Or why not cosy up with your girls for an afternoon of cakes, fizz and crafting? Not only will you be having a good time with your best friends, but you’ll get to walk away with some gorgeous momentos or the evening, with the sewing hen party offer from Darling Hens, or the girls night in option. You could even get some DIY personal touches done for your wedding day – two in one!


What about the popular Supper Club hen party idea? Darling Hens arrange cooking teachers and chefs to come to your house, where you can all get involved with preparing a fancy meal and the decorations – don’t worry, they clean up after themselves. It’s great fun for you and your girls as you get the relaxed atmosphere of a restaurant, as well as the bonding experience of cooking together, and learning new skills in the kitchen.

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Autumn and winter are all about decadence, spoiling, comfort food and cosying up with friends, so it’s really the perfect season to have a hen party! And even better, it means there will be a gorgeous winter wedding just around the corner! For more from Darling Hens, pay a visit to their amazing website. And for other hen party ideas, have a look right here!