PrimeStyle has been offering high quality, premium diamond jewellery including wedding rings, bridal sets, diamond pendants etc, to customers across the US, UK, Australia and some parts of the Europe.


With unique designs and beautifully crafted diamonds, PrimeStyle’s biggest strength is the price range of the jewellery. It offers attractive discounts on its jewellery that makes it one of the most cost-effective jewellery providers to the customers.

Saving Money with

PrimeStyle has been offering as much as 60% – 70% jewellery and even more on a various categories of its diamond jewellery. So from engagement rings to diamond stud earrings to heart shaped pendants, purchasing from PrimeStyle would save the brides up to 70% due to massive discounts.

The diamonds are manufactured in a diamond factory and are embedded in beautifully well well-crafted precious metals including white gold, yellow gold and platinum. While white gold and yellow gold are of 14KT and 18KT, platinum that we use is absolutely pure and high quality.

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And the diamonds are available in all the famous cuts including the following:

  1. Round cut
  2. Princess cut
  3. Cushion cut
  4. Emerald cut
  5. Marquise cut
  6. Heart cut
  7. Oval cut
  8. Pear cut
  9. Radiant cut
  10. Asscher cut

What brides can be gifted

There are several beautifully designed jewellery items that you can choose to gift a bridesmaid. Here are some strong recommendations that you might want to consider.

















These are some of the many gift ideas that you can perhaps consider to make your bride feel special and on top of the world.

For Wedding Ideas magazine, PrimeStyle is offering up to $30.00 (£20) discount straight if they use this coupon PS109. Go grab your favourite jewellery piece today!