Tie the knot abroad and it can be blissfully beautiful. Transporting your wedding essentials, on the other hand, is often far less idyllic. To help, the experts at Travelbag.co.uk share their secrets to make it stress free!

Every couple hopes for the perfect wedding – wonderful views, a beautiful venue and the glorious weather they dreamed of, whether that’s streaming sunshine or a romantic scattering of snow.




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Planning a wedding can feel like a mountain to climb, especially if it’s abroad – the dream destination wedding takes a lot of organisation, preparation and planning to make sure everything is just right. To help make the process worry free, we’ve teamed up with Paul Hopkinson from Travelbag.co.uk to find out all about transporting your wedding essentials.

Make a plan

Start making a list of the things you need to take with you way ahead of your flight. Every time you think of something else, add it to the list and tick it off as you pack. This will ensure there are no last minute panics when you arrive at your destination and realise you have left without something crucial or irreplaceable.

Transporting a wedding dress

A wedding dress is perhaps the most expensive and most cherished item of clothing a woman will ever purchase, and rightly so. Any bride-to-be will know how daunting it is to let it out of your sight – even if it’s just for a few seconds. If you need to transport your gown to another destination, take it with you as your carry-on luggage. A garment bag with your dress hanging safely inside is the safest and most stress-free way of transporting your wedding dress, especially as it will never be further than a metre out of reach. Most flight operators will be more than happy to hang your wedding dress up to avoid any damage or creases, or it can be stored in the overhead compartment. Make sure you contact your chosen airline before booking your flight to check their policies on carrying wedding dresses – you may need to check in an additional bag.

Grooms wear, shoes and accessories

Similarly to your wedding dress, you should carry your groom’s suit onto the plane
with you as well as both of your shoes and accessories. Don’t check in anything that you need to wear for your actual wedding day just in case of the unfortunate event
of your luggage being lost or damaged. Keeping these expensive and treasured items with you will put your mind at ease.

Share the stress

The stress of transporting every single wedding item safely can put unnecessary pressure on you. Splitting items between designated members of your wedding party is the perfect way to ensure your items stay secure throughout the journey. Your wedding guests can carry smaller items in their hand luggage so you can sit back, relax and sip Champagne on a restful flight, safe in the knowledge that your valuables are being looked after.



Sourcing local suppliers

Try not to ship items that can be purchased or organised at your destination – you don’t want anything to be held up in customs! Instead, hire a local wedding planner who can help you source everything you need outside of the UK. The venue, cake, flowers, decorations and other wedding day essentials can be left in the hands of your trusted planner. Create a Pinterest mood board to give them a clearer picture of your wedding vision.
You may be apprehensive about not seeing certain items until the day of your wedding, but keep in contact with your planner – Skype and picture messages will give you plenty of reassurance. They are there to help create the day exactly as you dream it.

Returning to the UK

The big day may be over but don’t take it too easily when returning to the UK. Maintaining the security of your wedding dress and suit is still important – a lost dress or shampoo stain can really put a dampener on your special day.