It’s your day, your way, as we get ready to bust some traditional wedding myths!

traditional-wedding-myths-we-bust-the-myths-of-wedding-traditionsThe groom’s best man has to be male

Are you fretting over choosing that one special fella? Well panic not! “Times are changing and the trend for women to take on the role of best man, or for a groom to have two best men, is increasing,” says celebrity wedding planner, Liz Taylor at The Taylor Lynn Corporation. “I recently organised a wedding where the groom had three best men – his three brothers – and the bride was given away by her mother. The sentiment was just as special as they respected traditions, but the ceremony was updated and personalised specifically to reflect that couple’s family life.

The same goes for the bridesmaids, too. If your best friend is a man, there’s no rule that says your can’t have a male bridesman! You also shouldn’t rule out inviting male friends to the hen party. The most important thing to remember is that your wedding is your day, and you should be surrounded by people you love, regardless of their gender.

You need to grow your hair before the big day

Style Director at HOB Salons in Camden, Andrea Martinelli, believes that short or cropped styles can be just as beautiful as long locks. “Once upon a time it was all about long, simple tresses, but these days the modern bride is experimenting with something a little different and working with a variety of lengths,” says Andrea. Rather than growing your mane (and risking nasty split ends!) focus on boosting condition by eating well, having regular trims and indulging in oodles of gloss-giving treatments. “For shorter wedding hair, simply moving your parting can update your look or why not embrace the vintage trend with classic finger waves? It’s a catwalk look that’s perfect for shorter-haired brides,” says Andrea. You’ll want to look like you on your big day, so if you like it short, keep it that way!

traditional-wedding-myths-we-bust-the-myths-of-wedding-traditions-The bride has to wear a long veil

Feel swamped by chapel styles and fabulous fountains? Wearing a wedding veil is not obligatory! “It is your day, so never be told that you ‘should’ wear a veil if it doesn’t suit your personal style,” says newlywed Catherine Burke. “I tried on countless lengths and they just didn’t seem right for me, so instead I asked a jeweller to mount one of my Grandma’s vintage brooches onto a thin silver Alice band, which everyone complimented me on.” Feeling inspired? Play dress up until you find a look that makes you feel amazing – tiaras, flower wreaths, fascinators and hats all make stylish veil alternatives, and they can be much cheaper, too.

You have to plan separate hen and stag parties

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Does the prospect of donning L-plates at a roller disco while your fiancé swills beer at a lap dancing bar sound like hell? Then why not have a joint celebration?! Consider your ‘hag’ do as a big pre-wedding party with all your friends. “All that ‘last night of freedom’ stuff seemed a bit like enforced fun, so rather than forking out on two different weekends, we’ve chosen to have all our friends pile in together,” says soon-to-be-wed Paula Bullin. “Pooling our cash means we’re able to rent stunning country cottages rather than budget hotels and our days will be filled with campfires, pub lunches and walks in the fresh air, which is more appealing than the usual hen and stag carnage!”