Recent research by 77 Diamonds surveyed 1000 men and women on their proposal experiences and the importance of keeping the big question a secret

proposal secretInterestingly 74.7% of men confirmed that they ideally wanted the proposal to be a surprise to their partner however 62.1% of women admitted to being suspicious or knowing for sure that their partner had plans to propose.

The research also highlighted that more and more couples up and down the UK are beginning to discuss the proposal with their partner, with couples in the North West being the most open about it.

Commenting on this David Allen, Creative Director at 77 Diamonds said, “The results of this survey are extremely interesting and it’s funny to see how men and women have different opinions on the secrecy of the proposal. One of the most intriguing revelations for me is that couples seem to be increasingly discussing the proposal prior to it taking place. More recently is has become common for us to see couples come into the showroom together and browse the engagement rings, with many buying a ring that same day.”

proposal secret1

This begs the question, is the traditional surprise of a proposal on it’s way out? Is it a thing of the past? Do women and men really want to be able to choose their own engagement ring before the proposal? Should tradition stick? Is it becoming increasingly harder to keep the proposal a surprise?

The results of the survey have been put into a fascinating infographic – Take a look! – What do you think? How were you proposed to? We would love to find out what our readers think?!