Professional wedding photographers have taken thousands of shots of couples on the happiest days on their lives, but what makes a great wedding photograph? And which picture stands out the most for them? We’ve asked some of the top wedding photographers in the UK to share their most favoured shot and here’s what they had to say…

The Owl & The Pussycat

 the owl and the pussycat wedding photography

“Relaxed, natural and timeless, this picture really sums up the feel of Charles and Emma’s Cotswold wedding and our approach to wedding photography. It’s a photograph you could look at in 50 years time. It would still be fresh and you would know everything about the wedding in an instant. It’s the perfect memory, from a perfect wedding.”

Chris Barber


“My favourite wedding image is probably this one of Charlotte and Luke. I love images that are full of expression and genuine energy because it can’t be posed – it has to come from the connection between photographer and subject. These guys were so much fun and didn’t stop laughing all day.”

Pete Cranston

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Pete Cranston

“I love this image because it came from a point in the day when we were away from the noise and the bustle of the day. The couple had just had their blessing and the three of us took time to get some photos and unwind. The setting, lighting and the moment were all perfect. They felt totally relaxed, embraced in the sunlight and I just took the shots. It was a moment that I knew I had chosen the right job.”

Adam Dunn


“There is always a beautiful moment after the vows have been completed. The bride and groom really relax and you can see the love and happiness radiate through, now that the serious stuff was over and they could enjoy being husband and wife. This picture really caught the raw emotion of this intimate, beautiful and once-in-a-lifetime moment. That’s why it’s one of my favourites.”

Martin Pemberton


“This shot sums up the emotion of the wedding day – in the foreground the obvious smiles and delight of the bride marrying the man of her dreams but the main focus is on her parents, her father struggling to contain his emotion and the mother wiping away the tears. Is it tears of joy and happiness for the daughter or is it the thought of their daughter is flying the nest?”

Mia Hooper


“I love this photo because to me, it speaks volumes about the bride’s carefree attitude and frame of mind towards the end of the wedding day. Typically a bride will put so much thought, time, worry and expense into finding the perfect pair of shoes, to not only complement her dress, but to show off her personality, too. What makes me smile when I look at this photo is the thought that, despite all that, this bride has casually kicked her beloved shoes to the side of the room to join her bridesmaids and new husband on the dance floor. With all formalities now over with, nothing else mattered except dancing the night away.”

Katherine Ashdown


“This is one of my all-time favourite wedding images, it seems to say everything about the romance of their day without really showing very much at all – the sun setting on the first day of being Mr & Mrs, it’s filled with love and hope for the future.”