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With international travel still proving a sticking point for many newlyweds and weds-to-be, many are turning to these top UK honeymoon destinations for their post-wedding retreat. 

With many brides-to-be longing for a romantic break after the year we’ve all had, and with so many fantastic destinations around the UK, it’s no surprise that newlyweds at home and abroad have been thinking about honeymooning in the UK. Looking at searches from around the world for 2020, Flowercard able to find the most desired honeymoon destinations in the UK.

You may or may not be surprised to see the capital taking the top spot, followed by two of the best-known beauty spots in the country, Cornwall and the Lake District.

The Top 10 UK honeymoon destinations

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  1. London – 6,360 searches
  2. Cornwall – 3,650 searches
  3. Lake District – 3,450 searches
  4. Bath – 1,890 searches
  5. Edinburgh – 1,120 searches
  6. The Cotswolds – 630 searches
  7. Isle of Skye – 630 searches
  8. Devon – 560 searches
  9. Orkney – 400 searches
  10. Brighton – 320 searches
  11. Isle of Wight – 320 searches
Taking the crown is London with a massive 6,360 searches annually, coming in second is Cornwall with 3,650 searches, followed closely by the Lake District with 3,450 searches annually.
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The UK honeymoon destinations rising in popularity

Roman Baths at night. Credit: James Davies
  1. Bath – 61.54% year on year increase
  2. Birmingham – 57.14% year on year increase
  3. St Ives – 50.00% year on year increase
  4. The Cotswolds – 36.96% year on year increase
  5. Devon – 33.33% year on year increase
  6. Cornwall – 30.82% year on year increase
  7. Cambridge – 25.00% year on year increase
  8. Loch Lomond – 16.67% year on year increase
  9. Snowdonia – 16.67% year on year increase
  10.  Brighton – 14.29% year on year increase
Bath comes out on top as the number one honeymoon destination rising in popularity, with a year-on-year increase of 61.54%, followed by Birmingham with 57.14% increase and in third place St Ives with a 50% increase.

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