Wedding Ideas award winners Ido wedding films reveal how to get films to treasure forever…

It takes two…

If your budget will stretch, it’s worth having two videographers on your day. You’ll get a much more creative and interesting film this way, because one will shoot the bits the other missed.

I can’t hear you!

The massive benefits of video are being able to hear the vows and speeches, hear every laugh as well as see every smile, and get personal recorded messages from your guests. Make sure your videographer uses good-quality radio microphones and other equipment to capture that all-important audio.

Space invader

Make sure your videographer is unobtrusive. Nobody likes a camera constantly in their face, especially during a wedding!

Get a draft copy

Have your say in the final edit by asking your videographer for the draft copy. That way you can make sure that your final film is exactly how you want it to be.

Make it personal

Most wedding videos have a soundtrack, so make sure you get to choose what’s used. Pick tracks that mean something to you both.

Check them out

Companies will never publish a bad testimonial, so try and put a feeler out to friends and family for trustworthy recommendations.

Are they recognised?

The Oscars aren’t the only film awards, industry awards can be a good start for finding a credible videographer, like the Wedding Ideas Awards!

Think ahead

Regular DVDs are becoming less popular and are likely to be redundant in the next 10 years, so even if you don’t have a player, it’s worth getting a Blu-Ray copy for future viewing.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of following trends, but ask yourself ‘will this still look good in 50 years?’. The last thing you’ll want to look back on is cringe-worthy effects on your wedding video!

What do i get?

Check what your final film actually is – is it a full feature-length version of your day or a five-minute montage?