If you’re attending a loved one’s big day bash soon, make sure your smartphone snaps are up to scratch with these top photography tips from SnapBox.

Be personal

You already have a sure advantage over the professional photographers, you personally know the newlyweds. Use this to your advantage by getting real-life, up close and personal photos.

Make them pull funny faces and do silly poses for the camera – these photos will be more likely to end up in the wedding album! There has been a huge shift in wedding photography over the last few years with couples preferring the candid shots rather than posed, group photographs. Try to capture real emotion when your subject doesn’t know you’re taking the shot.

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Rule of thirds

You may not be a professional photographer but there is one easy rule to make sure you capture the focus of your subjects effectively.

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Imagine that your image is divided into nine equal segments. The ‘rule of thirds’ says that you should position the most important elements in your scene along the lines of these segments, or at the points where they intersect. Doing so will add balance and a clear focus point to your photo – making it automatically more striking.

Print and keep

It’s important to not rely too much on digital devices to store your invaluable wedding photos. In fact, our recent survey revealed that 36 per cent of Brits have lost precious memories due to relying on their digital devices to store them. Why not use the wedding images captured on your devices to create stylish canvas prints for your newlywed friends? This would make a great present for them when they returned from honeymoon!

Edit at home

Apps such as instagram now make it easier to get professional effects on our photos from the comfort of our own home. You can now even edit your photos online when using services such as SnapBox, allowing you to print a perfectly edited wedding image to a canvas.

Have fun

It’s important to have fun! The more fun you’re having, the more fun the pictures will be. And if you’re smiling behind the camera, the chances are the people you’re taking photos of may instantly be lifted too, making for a photo album full of happy wedding memories.

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Don’t get in the way

Last but not least, it’s great to capture all the intimate moments but don’t stand in the professional photographer’s way. There’s no denying that the guest’s photos are likely to be more personal and fun, but the newlyweds will want some professional images to treasure as well. Why not use this opportunity to your advantage? Try standing at a different angle to the wedding photographer and get some alternative shots for your loved ones to see.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to get the right shot, why not check out our Wedding Photography section today?