We’ve asked some of our expert wedding-planning friends for their top advice on how to have an amazing wedding abroad.


Picture perfect weather

“Maybe you don’t want to chance the British weather and you want to be certain of sunshine, but don’t go abroad and expect perfect weather,” says Kelly Hood from Boho Weddings. “Do your research into average temperatures for each month and rainfall. You don’t want it to be too hot any more than you want it to rain.”

When should you tell your guests?

Chances are, it’s going to cost your guests a bit more to travel to your wedding in another country.

“To ensure the people that you want to come are available, you need to get moving on invitations fairly quickly,” advises Jo Adamek from Thomson. “You may not know the exact details, like the venue or date, but hopefully you have selected a month and destination. If this is the case, then send out your save the dates quickly.”


Planning the guest list

Remember, it’s your day. It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life, for you and your significant other.

“Invite the people you want to share your wedding day with, rather than the people you feel you have to,” says Jo. “You can always hold a drinks and nibbles party for everyone when you get home. But if you think ‘the more the merrier’ then look at Thomson’s Bride and Groom Incentive, which gives you little rewards as your party gets bigger.”

What about the legal side?

Do your research. Every country has its own laws on wedding ceremonies, some require a lot of paperwork, others require you to be a resident in the country for a certain amount of time, and in some countries you will only be able to have a blessing.


Planning in another country

Most wedding venues will have an in-house wedding planner who will suggest catering options, decorations, transport and handle the legal side of getting married.

If you’re booking through an operator, their wedding planner will organise all the bits and pieces like favours and decorations for you, all you’ll need to remember is your marriage documents, your dress and a suit for the groom. Some couples opt to buy their wedding rings at their destination to make it more romantic.

Flowers at your wedding abroad

To get the best quality flowers, you should choose blooms that grow locally and avoid anything imported. Not only will you get fresher, better flowers but you’re also likely to save money.

What sort of colours work well in bright sunshine? Jo Adamek suggests bright shades that hold their own in strong sunlight, such as pink and orange. Yellow is also good and can look wonderfully fresh against a deep blue sea and sky.

Once you’ve decided that a wedding abroad is for you…

Follow the experts’ advice and do your research before setting your heart on a venue. You really don’t want your budget to skyrocket, only to find that you’re marrying in monsoon season or that you have to live in the area for a month or two before you’re allowed to get married there.

Weddings abroad are wonderful… so have fun planning yours!