Whether you never dreamed of a big wedding, the thought of having all eyes on you gives you anxiety or you simply want to save money, eloping could be an option for you. Here are our tips for eloping and how to tell your friends and family you want an elopement wedding.

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With the recent news of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s secret wedding, searches for ‘secret wedding’ have increased by +65% in the past month, indicating that more couples are considering escaping the wedding stress and eloping.

Top Tips for Having an Elopement Wedding

To help couples, life insurance broker Reassured has put together tips on how to elope and how not to make your family feel excluded. Read below for elopement etiquette and how to have your secret dream wedding without offending loved ones.

1. Do your research in advance

Depending on where you’re wanting to elope, ensure to check the current laws and regulations. In some countries, you may need a marriage license and a witness, and you may need to book an appointment with an officiant in advance.

In the UK you will need to get registered in advance, including providing the location of your venue to be able to get married.

2. Check with your partner

Make sure you and your partner are looking for the same type of ceremony. When making plans, cover topics such as what you’ll wear or if you want to exchange rings and a bouquet. Be as creative or as traditional as you’d like – this is your day!

3. Choose your witnesses

In the UK you will need two witnesses; they can either be friends of yours or even complete strangers. However, to avoid unnecessary stress it is good to speak to them in advance and ensure they’re available on the day.

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4. Celebrate your marriage

Eloping inevitably results in you being able to celebrate your wedding in whichever way you’d like. You could surprise your family and friends and have a party with them, or the two of you may prefer to have a fancy meal in a nice restaurant alone. It’s your choice!

5. How to tell your family and friends

If you decide to celebrate your wedding without family and friends but it is important to you not to offend them, consider how you’d best bring the news. First of all, remember, eloping doesn’t mean that you’re not close to your family!

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Another option is to plan a small reception with your family – this way, your ceremony will just be the two of you and your witnesses and your family still gets to celebrate with you!

After all, the most important part is that whichever way you plan your wedding and celebrate, it needs to suit you and your partner – it’s all about you!

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