Slipping on an icy pathway is the last thing you want at your winter wedding.

Here, Jayne Bransby, from bridal shoe experts Elegant Steps, reveals her eight top tips for picking the perfect pair for the season…

winter wedding shoes Emma Case

Winter is a beautiful time of year to get married, and the possibility of snow makes the whole day even more romantic! Choosing your winter wedding shoes may be slightly different than choosing your summer ones. The thought of an icy exit from the ceremony may fill you with terror, but fear not.

Firstly, I would suggest speaking to your venue about any concerns about slippery surfaces.  I’m sure it goes without saying that your wedding venue wants you to remain comfortable and happy on your special day, but ask the question if only to put your mind at rest. What are the provisions to stop you and your guests going flying and becoming the next YouTube sensation? The reality is that venues don’t want law suits on their hands so will usually have staff clearing pathways, sprinkling sand and salt to ensure slipping is a no, no.

Choosing the right winter wedding shoes

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Once you’ve ensured your venue is as safe as possible, you’ll need to choose the perfect pair of heels. Here are our eight top tips for choosing the perfect winter pair.

  1. Take into account that it will be cold, so opt for a closed toe rather than an open toe sandal style.
  2. Leather shoes are more hard wearing than silk or satin and will look beautiful long after the big day has finished.
  3. Opt for a leather or suede sole as this may prevent slipping on icy surfaces.
  4. Delicate ivory boots can look divine under long dresses – just make sure your photographer captures them early on in the day before they get splashed or covered with snow.


  1. Drop your heel height slightly so you’re able to keep your footing should you slip.
  2. Consider buying two pairs of bridal shoes. Why not have a funky pair of wellington boots for the day and some glitzy, glamorous heels for later in the evening?
  3. If you opt for a silk or satin shoe and it gets dirty or wet, you can clean or dye them black afterwards.
  4. Remember that anything goes! If you want to wear five-inch stiletto sandals in the snow, then go for it!  Just make sure you have sturdy arm to keep hold of!

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